Glastron GT 229: Yankee style, Swedish heart and French passport

Since it became part of Jeanneau Group, the American Company has further developed its offer. This Glastron GT 229 is a very good example.

The ability of American boatyards (well, not all of them) to carefully design each and every detail of their models, and not just on the largest units, is always surprising to me, and this Glastron GT 229 is the most convincing confirmation. The renown quality of the materials and their processing, has been joined in the years by a more European flavor, avoiding the blingy (and somehow vulgar) taste of the past. In this process, the acquisition of the American yard by Jeanneau has done the rest, so the Glastron GT 229 interprets a successful blend of Yankee boldness and European taste, all completed in this case by a Volvo Penta engines (US MerCruisers are also available).


Glastron GT 229: the test

Our Glastron GT 229 test boat comes with an intermediate level of power: 280 HP coming from a gas Volvo Penta V6 (diesel is not even contemplated: this is the quintessence of daycruisers). Other options are the smaller V6 by Volvo or Mercuirser with 240 HP, or the V8 units from both brands which develop a rather small 20 HP more than our choice. Il you’re not looking for the exciting growl of eight cylinders, which by the way can be yours for an extra 2000 Euros, then go for the ones we have tested.


Speaking of which: the progression is fast and takes to planing in 5 seconds, despite us being four people aboard. Another 6 seconds and we reach 30 knots, up to a top of 37. Not a thrilling speed, but more than enough to feel the excitement before slowing down to a comfortable cruising pace of around 20 knots, easily kept at little more than 3,000 rpm. There’s still the chance to decrease the speed to 9 knots and 2600 rpm without displacing, although without the fuel consumption software I can’t say if it’s really worth it.

The 20° deadrise seems to be a good compromise between performance and sea worthiness, despite the calm waters of lake Iseo don’t give me a real chance to verify. Still, the waves purposely created by our wake allow us to guess a good behavior in choppy sea. In our case it’s the handling what impresses the most, with a precise and mellow rudder wheel to avoid dangerous spins. Our examination is over, is time to stop and check the other features of this Glastron GT 229.


The five pluses of Glastron GT 229

The photos shot by Sergio Airoldi speak more then our words and underline the features of the boat.

  •  Let’s start with the look: the connection between hull and deck is underlined by the livery and enhances the sportiness without mimicking a racer: the praise is for the balance of the whole. Other color matches are available, but I believe they can’t do better than this one.


  •  The cockpit is simple yet smart. An U-shaped couch and the two rotating seats set up a dinette in a few seconds, while the aft solarium features a side backrest and a rear one so the exploited in the preferred way.


  •  The bathing platform featured here is the optional double one. I would have had enough with the standard one, but it’s a personal choice. The access from the cockpit requires to step over the solarium, which is not the best in terms of practicality.



  • The truly American dashboard wins you over at a glance, even with its analog gauges which could feel oldish somewhere else. Of course there’s also space for a (small) multi-purpose screen. The protective windscreen eases the access to the foredeck, where a low guardrail suggests to use the sun bed only when at anchor.


  •  There’s a cabin with double berth, although the small size make you think to other pleasant ways to use it rather than for a night accommodation. As everywhere else across the boat, the quality of materials and finishing is top notch, taking Glastron GT 229 to the highest end of its segment.


The numbers of Glastron GT 229

  • Length overall                         6.71 m (22 ft)
  • Beam                                         2.54 m (8ft 4in)
  • Draft                                         0.86 m (2ft 10in)
  • Displacement                          1560 Kg
  • Engine                                      Volvo Penta V6 280 HP
  • Fuel reserve                              151 l (39 US gal)


    rpm          knots     mph        dB

  • 700            2,5         2,9          59
  • 1000          4,4         5,1           64
  • 1500          5,7         6,6           66
  • 2000         6,9         7,9           68
  • 2500         8,4         9,7           74
  • 3000         17,7        20,4        81
  • 3500         23,0       26,5         78
  • 4000        26,0       29,9         80
  • 4500         30,4       35,0        83
  • 5000         35,4       40,7         84
  • 5800         37,5       43,2         87

Test conditions

  • Calm lake, clean hull, fuel 80 l (21 US gal), 4 passengers.


Indicative price (VAT not included)

  • MerCruiser 4.5L V6 250 HP                         € 41.346
  • MerCruiser 6.2L V8 300 HP                        € 45.346
  • Volvo Penta V6 240 HP                                 € 42.300
  • Volvo Penta V6 280 HP                                € 43.307
  • Volvo Penta V8 300 HP                                € 48.658

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