The new laminar top from Opac it’s the first in aluminum with translational motion

The first advantage of the Opac laminar top is that, compared to a fabric one, the aluminum slat top ensures longer durability and thus longer resistance to water and atmospheric events.

The top can be made in different sizes, depending on the specific needs of the boat designers and is therefore suitable for any boat and yacht.


Opac laminar top has a hydraulic opening system

The opening is operated by a hydraulic system: the movement towards the back allows the translation of the slats that are “packed” in the rest position leaving the area underneath flooded by the sun. Opening and closing operations are quick thanks to the mechanisms that drive this innovative solution, for which two specific patent applications have been filed.
To give personality to the Opac laminar top, style-wise, the finishing and any detail have been meticulously taken care of, also expanding the possibilities for customization. The lower part of the slats can be lined with different materials, textures and shades to match the furnishing and colors of the underlying environment.


The slats can also be covered, on the upper part, with a rich variety of coatings, always suitable to the marine environment. In this case, the company offers a wide choice of materials and colors, and there is a possibility to cover the top of the roof with photo-voltaic film panels. As part of the company’s consolidated tradition, much attention went to using noble materials, with specific treatments suitable for the marine environment.


The Opac laminar top has been selected to the “Dame Design Award”, a competition that rewards the best technological and design innovations for boating. The contest will take place during Amsterdam Mets Trade, the world-level show for boating suppliers.
Want to go softer? Here’s the fabric top from Opac

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