2018 for Garmin Marine will be based on mobile connection and evolved devices

2017 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and a specific event in Milan: two simultaneous stages for the brand new products by Garmin Marine. Not only EchoMap chatrplotters and Striker Plus fishfinders, but also an evolved app which turns the smartphone into a chartplotter and viceversa.

Again this year, with the third edition of their “parallel initiative, Garmin Marine brought a bit of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to Milan, specifically on the 20th floor of the WJC Tower where the “Unico” panoramic restaurant is located and where, simultaneously with the American show, they introduced to the Italian media their 2018 news.
Actually this is just a first part of all the new products that Garmin will launch later on, during the other shows scheduled for the next few months. At Boot Düsseldorf in January and at Miami Boat Show in February we will have more news.
Among the new products (more about those in a minute) there’s an interesting app that allows a sort of remote management of the onboard plotter.


The app is free and is called ActiveCaptain; in essence, it connects the Garmin Marine chartplotter to the mobile network, and therefore, among other things, allows to plan the route in advance, fix the waypoints and do all that you would do on the on-board device, but from the phone or tablet: then it’s simply a matter of transferring everything to the plotter and…set sails.

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Conversely, even the plotter can replace various features on the smartphone, which can so be protected from water and hits. Let’s see in detail the main features of this new app:
OneChart: you can browse nautical charts directly from your tablet or smartphone and transfer them to all registered Garmin Marine devices. You can also buy new areas or update existing ones and synchronize them automatically with your chartplotter.


With the User data synchronization feature, you can automatically synchronize the routes and waypoints stored on the chartplotter to review all data anywhere on your mobile device.
Scheduled in Advance. With this feature you can plan your navigation comfortably from home; create, save and transfer routes and waypoints between the app and the chartplotter without any hassle. On the GpsMap series the transfer is automatic, without even pressing a button.
Smart Notifications transforms the plotter into a phone: calls and sms can be managed directly on the display, leaving your smartphone safe.
ActiveCaptain Community: a useful feature to keep up-to-date with the ActiveCaptain network: with their feedback they provide last-minute information on marinas, new points of interest, and more.
Quickdraw Community: A must have, the access to the Garmin Quickdraw Contours network, from which you can quickly download and share bathymetrics.
By clicking the Software Update button, you receive notifications and software updates for Garmin Marine devices directly on your smartphone or tablet, without having to use your computer or SD card anymore.
Finally, the Helm function interacts with the chart-plotter from any position on board through own mobile device.
You can download ActiveCaptain for free from the App Store and Google Play, and it is compatible with the latest Garmin GpsMap chart plotter and multi-function screens, the brand new EchoMap Plus and Striker echo sounders.

EchoMap Plus, the new generation of chartplotters by Garmin Marine


Refined design, high-end functionality, ease of use, total connectivity. The new EchoMap Plus chartplotter series have been developed with these features in mind. In fact, it’s high-precision instruments with a 5Hz integrated Gps antenna, which updates the position 5 times per second, while the intuitive keyboard integrated in the 4 and 6 inches versions and the innovative keyboard-assisted touchscreen system makes them easy to use.
Of course, all new EchoMap chartplotters are compatible with the new AcvitveCaptain app and Auto Guidance 3.0 technology which automatically processes the best route to get to your destination avoiding the obstacles in the way.


The new EchoMap also incorporate the 500 Watt echosounder module with Chirp technology, which, using high frequency, reproduces extremely faithfully everything that is under the boat. Hence the features of the ClearVü function for the 4 and 6 inch models and SideVü, which also looks at the sides of the boat, for the 7 and 9 inches.

Were this not enough, the 7 and 9 inches versions can also be equipped with Garmin Panoptix transducers, a revolutionary echo sounder that delivers extremely clear and detailed real-time images of everything in front and around the boat, even while the boat is still, guaranteeing an accurate and extremely realistic perception.

Fishfinders are connected like never before. It’s the new Striker Plus family


Chirp technology with ClearVü and SideVü functions, ActiveCaptain app, Quickdraw Contours function, and more, integrated gps and wi-fi connectivity are the main features of the new Striker Plus echo sounder series.
Thanks to the wi-fi, the new Striker Plus can be managed by the smartphone or the tablet and the availability of the formats ranges from the new 4.3” display to the new 9”, with 5” and 7” in the middle. All give the chance to split the display into multiple screens with different functions. It goes without saying that the larger the display the more this possibility is appreciable.
About Chirp technology, the 4 and 5-inch models only feature ClearVü, while the 7 and 9 inches also feature SideVü.


The new Striker Plus will arrive in Italy in January 2018 with indicative prices ranging from € 155 to 737, excluding VAT. Each box includes the transducer and the various mounting brackets: including the one for the transom and the kit for the electric motor. An optional kit for recessed installation is also available.

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