Sciallino Yacht introduces three new models: Sc27, Sc30, Sc36

The historical Italian shipyard is launching a new range of boats that follows the path of their tradition but marks the debut of a partnership with designer Luca Maschera.

Brand new boats, featuring smooth lines and contemporary traits, with a huge personality. Then again: lighter, safer and more economical, with ample spaces, built according to the best Italian taste and with respect for the environment. The new models Sc27, Sc30 and Sc36 see also the beginning of a partnership with the designer Luca Maschera, founder of Cantiere Baumarine.

Sciallino Yacht looks into the future and makes an important investment, as they believe that the global market is recovering and has become more aware of quality. They decided to join forces with Luca Maschera because he has demonstrated, with Baumarine, that he is able to interpret the tradition and match it with modern solutions, on a technical, building and styling point of view. With Sciallino, he had to keep the traditional features in terms of quality, design and construction. This means less plastic and more wood, good seaworthiness, substance rather than trends. It means being a testimonial of “Made in Italy”.

The new Sciallino Yacht

The new boats are wider than before. Besides being steadier in navigation and at anchor, they feature more inner space, with roomier cabins and larger beds. The new Sc30 can carry 10 passengers (2 more than the previous model) and has five berths; the Sc36 gets to 12 passengers from the 10 of the previous 34 and counts six beds.
All the models have a complete galley and bathroom with separated shower box, but they’re lighter than before: the new Sc30 saves one ton on the older version – down to 6.5; and the Sc36 stops the scale at 8.5 when the old 34 marked 10 tons.



The shaft lines are quite an uncommon choice for this size, but they grant efficiency, durability, more safety and less maintenance. The shipyard replaced the previous gasket with the PSS system using a carbon flange. The lighter weight allows smaller engines – turbocharged diesel units, offering good mileage and performance.



The construction requires a lot of wood, both for exteriors and interiors, but now in addition to the typical mahogany the choice can go to oak, maple, cherry, walnut or teak. The hull rails have now been integrated in the structure, and the higher lift they give allows a semi-displacement navigation for faster speeds and lower consumption.



The equipment is completed by four oval portholes, bow thruster, larger and more ergonomic helm station, Raymarine touchscreen electronics, and a wide choice of fabrics and trims.

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