Ship Control Beneteau plays the on board assistant

With Ship Control Beneteau puts several devices of the boat under a fun and user friendly interface. From the dashboard but also from a tablet.

We tried it on the Beneteau GT50 (soon you’ll read our sea trial of the boat) and it was a real surprise: we had full control of all the on-board utilities in a simple and practical way. The French manufacturer does not pretend to have invented it, and says they got inspiration from the automotive world: nevertheless it confirms Beneteau’s commitment to making life simpler and bringing more and more users to pleasure boating.


Ship Control Beneteau is also fun…

The boat will no longer have secrets. Beneteau Ship Control can be displayed on the dashboard or on a tablet connected to the on board wifi router, with Seayo technology gathering the boat’s system controls on a single interface. This innovation, based on a multiplex system, is secure and has been for some years already on racing sailboats. As is often the case, competitions have resulted in solutions that make important steps towards simplification in everyday life, in this making navigation easier and increasing on-board comfort and a sense of control.

Beneteau-Ship-Control_6-300x185     Beneteau-Ship-Control_5-300x185

Suitable for any boat, the Ship Control Beneteau interface displays on a screen the universal pictograms for the main electronic features. With a click on the chosen icon you can access all on-board functions: brightness, air conditioning, hi-fi, electric power (AC), bilge pumps or navigation page. It also allows to check the level of batteries, liquids and the engine data. So an instant access to information that increases the feeling of safely handling the boat.


As a proper built-in computer integrated with the boat, the Seayo interface accompanies and assists navigation and life on board. Thanks to the chance of connecting multiple tablets to the interface, each crew member can access, wherever they are, to all the available features. As the first boatbuilder to offer such a complete solution, Beneteau has a new technology that can satisfy very demanding boaters, even professional ones. Ship Control Beneteau will be progressively proposed on all models of the boatyard.

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