Raymarine RealVision 3D & CHIRP SideVision: a video is worth a thousand words

Jim McGowan from Raymarine shows how the American device can locate structure and fish: the images on the screen are the best way to understand what it’s for.

We all remember those dark and blurry images taken by sea bottom explorers. Well, forget them for good: electronics can play on your screen a near-to-perfection reproduction of what’s beneath your boat, and more. In the Axiom units, Raymarine RealVision 3D & CHIRP SideVision technology have been quite a turning point in the marine electronics industry.

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Raymarine RealVision 3D & CHIRP SideVision: one year on the edge

The introduction of Axiom with RealVision 3D & CHIRP SideVision happened in February 2017, during the Miami boat show, and in (less then) one year this technology has spread among boaters and anglers, then the Axiom Pro some weeks later increased the excitement, offering anglers and boaters a built-in 1kW offshore CHIRP sonar and Raymarine’s HybridTouch user experience.

Raymarine Axiom_RealVision-3D_2

As you’ll see in the video, Raymarine RealVision 3D & CHIRP SideVision provides users with a unique look at what’s below the waterline, revealing structure, cover, fish, and forage in the three-dimensional space, As Raymarine states in a funny sentence, “RealVision 3D is the closest thing to draining a lake and walking around without the extra expense and hassle of a black box or additional transducer”.

Raymarine Axiom_RealVision-3D_4



Raymarine’s Jim McGowan demonstrates how Raymarine’s leading-edge sonar technologies clearly define structure and fish—and how running SideVision split-screen view in tandem can lead to even more precise fish-finding and boat positioning.


Prices for the Raymarine Axiom MFD Series range from €745 to €3295, while Axiom Pro models start at €2,395. All the devices are available from Raymarine’s authorized dealer network.

Raymarine Axiom_RealVision-3D_1

If you want to know more about Raymarine Axiom technology, we have already published this.

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