Their name is Alaska: designed in Italy and built in China they represent the essence oi a true lobster boat

First quality materials, craftsmanship, an all-Italian project in the wake of tradition, maximum customization, all at a competitive price. These are the pluses of the new Alaska boats.

Some of you may not know this name, but just take one figure: 290. Alaska 45 has been built and sold in over 290 units, among New Zealand, Australia, and the Medtierranean sea. Despite their name, these boats are conceived and designed in Italy, and built in Shanghai, China. They have been tested by expert boaters and on rough seas, as it’s the case of the Countries we mentioned, and beside the restylings that the new models may undergo, they can all count on a really seaworty hull.

Alaska, three new models to begin with

For the moment we only have renderings, but behind the whole Alaska thing there is the the competent Lorenzo Renaudo, a well-known boating entrepreneur from Italy. The new range of Alaska trawlers will feature high quality materials, in particular top-notch wood, a handcraft care in the execution and a fully marine project, without precluding solutions in line with the latest evolution of nautical design and wide space for customization.

Three models measuring 16.50 m, 18 m and 22 m declined on an exterior design that boasts the timeless style features of these boats, far from fads and therefore a good investment for the next years. As said, the interior design is left to the needs of the owner who can build a custom boat, knowing that everything will be done with the utmost care and at an affordable price when compared to the European market.

Alaska trawlers are born with some fixed points that also mark their close connection with the marine tradition. First of all, the shaft drives, while for the engines the choice is between Cummins or Caterpillar units. As for the hull, while displacement navigation is preferred, it features a semi-planing design, in line with the most recent developments. Last but not least, all the on-board systems will be customizable using the most advanced technologies.


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