New in 2018: the boat is in your hands with Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Always connected. With Volvo Penta Easy Connect you can link your boat to smartohpnes and tablets, and have on your screen the info about engines, on-board systems and route.

Nowadays technology, and in particular the chance of being connected always and everywhere, has become a must also in pleasure boating. Last product in order of time, Volvo Penta Easy Connect: on the one hand a free app to download on your device, on the other an interface installed on board the vessel that collects data and transfers them via Bluetooth.


In this way you can have on your device’s screen the live view of all the navigation information, which are then stored in memory for later use and consultation.

At the helm, or at home

Easy Connect features a customizable interface, and two main sections: Captain View and Home View. The former is used when on board, to access data such as route, engine speed, temperatures, fluid levels, battery status, pressures, alarm status.

the stored data include also
the previous journeys, which
can be ideally “lived” again
and shared with other users

The second, thanks to the storage of all information, offers other possibilities, such as knowing at all times the engines’ hours of operation, the remaining range with the fuel in the tank, and the precise location of the last trip. But that’s not it: the stored data include also the previous journeys, which can be ideally “lived” again and shared with other users.


And there’s even more, because Volvo Penta Easy Connect is useful also in case of maintenance or failure. By entering a specific code for diagnostics, the app provides access to all data concerning the installation of engines on the boat. The user can enter the address of his dealer, in order to be able to send him at any time information or fault codes, so as to prepare any assistance or service in the best way.


Easy Connect is compatible with all Volvo engines with EVC, petrol and diesel, in single or double installation, and with non-EVC engines, but only with petrol and single engines. It is also equipped with the NMEA 2000 interface, which allows to read other data such as speed and depth sounder, while Easy Connect itself can convert its own flow of information in a NMEA 2000 compatible format.


At the moment Volvo Penta Easy Connect is compatible with smartphones and tablets with iOS 10 or newer, but during 2018 the Android version is due.

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