New in 2018: Mercury VesselView 403 for smaller dashboards

The multi-purpose screens from the American manufacturer gets larger with Mercury VesselView 403: it’s the small of the range but sports all the features of the larger ones.

Nowadays we are used to checking everything with a glance, to operate everything with a tap on a screen. And as normally happens, for example in automotive but similarly in the nautical sector, the technology is developed for high-end models and then spread to the lower ones.

This is also the case for Mercury VesselView: after 903 and 703 models, Boot Düsseldorf saw the launch of the smallest: a 4″ multi-function display with all the features of the larger units.

Fits to smaller dashboards

Given the small size, VesselView 403 can be installed on the dashboard of small boats, where the space for electronics is never enough – and where you do not want to give up a big GPS screen …

The Mercury screen, in anti-glare glass and dimmable, can provide a great deal of information, including over 30 engine parameters (fuel level, range, oil temperature and pressure, battery voltage, generator, etc.), data from the echo sounder, and various alarms.

VesselView 403
collects data from
the engines, up
to four outboards

Among the special features, the one called Smart Tow (good, for instance, in the case of water skiing), and the Troll Control to change the engine speed at intervals of 10 rpm. Engines which can even be four (here an example of a triple installation), with the simultaneous display of two at a time through the SmartCraft interface.


In addition, Mercury VesselView 403 integrates the Activ Trim control allowing you to delete an additional panel on the dashboard, provided that there is a connection to a GPS antenna.

And through an external USB device supplied as standard, you can connect to the internet via wi-fi in order to update the software quickly and easily.

To complete the versatility of VesselView, finally, there is the NMEA 2000 compatibility to display the SmartCraft data on all the devices that adopt this protocol.

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