The motor that wasn’t there before: enter Suzuki DF325 A, intermediate among the big ones

It’s not a 300, it’s not a 350: Suzuki DF325 A aims at the performance of the latter and the fuel consumption of the former. Maintaining the realiability and light construction of the japanese outboards.

Did we need it? Perhaps the first answer is no: the market of outboard motors is full of models and versions, with 4, 6, 8 cylinders, 2 or 4 strokes, any power level…or almost any power level: because nobody thought before at the intermediate step between 300 and 350 horse power.


So Suzuki, the first manufacturer to do it, launches DF325 A, an engine thought to be used daily on large boats. The real-world meaning of the sentence is explained as it is the first engine with over 300 HP to be able to work even with 91-RON fuel (i.e., rather poor quality). Therefore, it is a reliable, versatile and robust engine, with the same technology featured by the bigger brother DF350A.

It’s alright even when alone

To further state its versatility, Suzuki DF325 A boasts a stern with double contra-rotating propeller: this means there’s no moment (originated by a single screw) to push the boat on one side, normally to starboard as the prop rotates clockwise.  The problem is solved when two engines work together, as the screws rotate in opposite way and neuter the effect. But with the twin-prop stern of Suzuki DF325 the absence of this problem means having the chance to use such a powerful engine even in a single installation. More, by conveying the power through a double screw means reducing the size of the blades, thus the size of the gearbox, limiting the water drag.

Suzuki decided to fill a
a space (actually a tight
one) between 300 and 350 HP


Among the other features of Suzuki DF325 A, we just mention the double injectors, the shoot-peening treatment of the pistons’ surface (to allow higher compression ratio), and the dual louver system to protect against water and grant a flow of dry air into the engine.

Suzuki decided to fill a a space (actually a tight one) between 300 and 350 HP: now, we’ll see if competitors will follow suit, as it frequently happens, or let them run alone.


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