Dune concept boat: a 60-meter-long dream sets a new benchmark for the luxury tender

She features a look like no other, and she’s is supposed to be a tender. Dune concept boat has really nothing conventional, from the shape to the materials to the estimated price.

“It is by will alone I set my mind in motion”, repeats the Baron’s aide in 1984 David Lynch‘s famous movie “Dune”. Surely a weird movie, but also a benchmark. And it seems that in designing Dune, a 60-meter long tender, her creator Eugeni Quitllet had a lot of will in mind. And setting his mind in motion he gave birth to a very weird project, but a benchmark indeed.

A 70-million tender

Dune concept boat has nothing conventional. Starting, as we said, by her sheer length: 196 feet, or 60 meters, have never been reckoned for a tender. In fact, it is more of a luxury open superyacht, or a stunning chase boat to shock other billionaires while you enter the marina behind your 150-mt 7-decker.

The clear, huge deck is shaped like the dunes in the desert, hence the name of the project. Precious wood, gold and “sculptural navigation panels” (in designer’s own words) are aimed at making passengers feel in the very middle of a sea landscape.
The interiors, despite a single lower deck, should feature 6 cabins, which Quitllet imagines to be trimmed in rose gold finish. The indoor spaces will also integrate ultra-luxury Mirage pieces, from a collection by the same designer, and other top-end parts.

Finally, a hint at the propulsion system. It is said to be a hybrid between a sail boat and a motor boat, although there’s not much explaining of where the wind should operate. But it may refer to the hull, which sports some kind of sailboat shapes. For sure, the propulsion is on two electric pods, to grant maneuverability and performance.
To complete the vision around Dune concept boat, Eugeni Quitllet imagines a specific port where she could be docked, surrounded by exclusive cars and accessories, for a beautiful gathering of the best design excellence.

And there’s another aspect whenre Dune concept boat wants to excel indeed: the price of this uniqueness is estimated to be around 70 million dollars.

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