European Powerboat of the Year

BoatMag is member of the jury of the European Powerboat of the Year

The European Powerboat of the Year is the prize awarded every year to the best five boats, in their respective size category, among all the models sold in the Old Continent.

In the jury sit the directors of seven European magazines.
In alphabetical order:

  • Batliv (Norway),
  • BoatMag (Italy),
  • Boote (Germany),
  • (Switzerland),
  • Motorboot (The Netherlands),
  • Nautica y Yates (Spain),
  • Neptune (France),
  • Yacht Revue (Austria).

The winners are unveiled during an award giving gala held on the first Saturday of the Düsseldorf Boat Show, one of the main events in the business held in mid-January every year.


The criteria which the jury bases their evaluation on space between value for money, performance, innovation. The spirit is to award the models that carry on valuable features, regardless of the brand or the market diffusion. That is why there’s five categories by length, so the large and famous motor yachts can’t overshadow smaller or less popular boats which still offer peculiar traits.

For the same reason, in the jury there’s just one member for each Country, so no nationality can prevail just for patriotism. All this means that in the end the prize will be truly deserved, and even the losers will have the privilege of having been nominated for this international award.

The categories are: up to 25 feet, up to 35, up to 45, over 45. A fifth category is reserved to displacement boats.