Oceanco Tuhura: a 120 meters canoe made to explore the world

Well, it’s not a canoe, but a megayacht. Or even better, a megayacht concept, born by the creative minds of two designers: Oceanco Tuhura is inspired by the oldest means of navigation.

Yacht designers, when imagining a new concept, draw inspiration from the most diverse areas, sometimes moving to fields far from the nautical one, some other times inspired by the (remote) past of navigation. In the case of Oceanco Tuhura, a project developed by Igor Lobanov and Achille Salvagni for the Dutch shipyard, the legacy comes from the simplest crafts, such as the ancient canoes and pirogues used by indigenous peoples in different parts of the world. And in particular, to the Polynesian ones, with which the populations of the Pacific Ocean have been exploring for thousands of miles.

Discover, with calm

The thought behind Oceanco Tuhura is primarily to evoke a sense of exploration and discovery: the name itself in the Maori language means to discover, to bring to light, to explore, to investigate. Exteriors architect Igor Lobanov explains: “Our Tuhura is a simple idea, the thought was to take a natural shape similar to those seen in the earliest canoe-type craft and augment it multifold to a larger scale, using modern technology.”.

The inspiration for interior design, instead, by the Italian Achille Salvagni, comes from East Asia and the Pacific islands. In the words of her creator “Tuhura is a megayacht conceived for a dynamic owner, nevertheless the timeless sense of peace and calmness are the main characteristics. This softness and dynamicity are reflected in the humble elegance and sensuality of the primitive organic shapes echoed throughout”. Materials include brushed teak for floors, walls, and ceilings, with thin reveals in gunmetal and natural bronze with tatami floors.

The hull and the propulsion system of Tuhura have been developed in collaboration with BMT. The simplicity of the shapes inspired by a canoe leads to a naturally efficient hull, with low overall water grip, good seaworthiness and excellent maneuverability. However, the integration of a modern propulsion system is a challenge, and the team has opted for a hybrid propulsion system Azipod CRP (counter-rotating) from ABB.

Innovation and cutting-edge technology are evident throughout the design. The hull has been conceived with multiple horizontal windows, utilizing a glass technology that allows the view from within to be completely transparent, while from the exterior, the windows appear the same color as the hull, disguising their appearance.

The smart technology on board will allow not only to control air conditioning, lighting, audio / video, shades and the like, but also to monitor the behavior of guests regarding preferences such as music and temperature. Furthermore, the idea is to create a 360° room, a multi-purpose space for interactive design and information.

The numbers of Oceanco Tuhura

  • Length overall …………… 115 m (377ft)
  • Draft …………… 3.9 m (9.8ft)
  • Max speed …………… 18 knots
  • Propulsion …………… Hybrid Contra Rotating Propeller System (with Azipods)
  • Exterior design …………… Lobanov Design
  • Interior design …………… Achille Salvagni

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