Flir launches Raymarine Magnum radar with US Coast Guard technology

The new open array Raymarine Magnum radar brings superior target tracking and long-range identification for vessels in navigation in open water

In a neverending evolution, Flir Systems has just announced the Raymarine Magnum radar, a high-performance open array device with bird mode and beam sharpening technology. It includes many of the same radar technologies used by the United States Coast Guard, packaged in a sleek open array pedestal built to withstand the harsh marine environment.


Magnum is available in 4 Kw or 12 Kw power output options, with either a four-foot (1.2 m) or six-foot (1.8 m) antenna array. Magnum offers a maximum target identification range up to 96 nautical miles for 12 Kw models, ideal for oceanic vessels – and up to 72 nm for 4 Kw models.

Raymarine Magnum
radar helps anglers
locate schooling

It is fully compatible with Raymarine Axiom and Axiom Pro multifunction navigation displays (MFD) with LightHouse 3, but also with LightHouse 2-based Raymarine screens.

Featuring an automatic bird mode that gives captains the ability to see birds with greater accuracy at distances of up to 10 nm, Raymarine Magnum radar helps anglers locate schooling baitfish faster, helping saving fuel. It also adds beam sharpening technology, delivering better than 1-degree bearing resolution for more detailed target separation, map-like coastal detail, and superior long-range performance. Additionally, its enhanced mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA) offers accurate and reliable target tracking, giving captains added confidence and peace-of-mind when navigating busy waterways.

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