In an impressive development step, here’s the new Mercury Verado, FourStroke and Pro XS

The american manufacturer is changing the whole range of big outboards. So, after the V6 ones in February, it’s now time for Mercury Verado, FourStroke and Pro XS with V8 blocks, ranging from 175 to 300 HP.

In fact this is the largest single new-product development program Mercury has undertaken in their 80 years of history. All at once, here we have 8 new engines with 4.6-liter V8 block: 250 and 300 HP Verado, 250 and 300 HP FourStroke, and 200, 225, 250 and 300 HP Pro XS. Plus a “bonus”: the 3.4-liter V6 Pro XS delivering 175 HP, last addition to the V6 family. Let’s see them in detail.

250 & 300 HP Verado

The new Verados outboard engines aim at raising the bar for the marine industry. The new V8 platform provides high performance across the rpm range. Mercury says that it is up to 20 percent quicker and two mph faster than competitors, while providing up to eight percent better fuel economy.

The V8 Verados are compatible with Mercury Joysticks for maximum maneuverability and control, and feature Mercury-engineered digital controls and electro-hydraulic power steering. Among the other features, Adaptive Speed Control and careful NVH reduction for an ultra-quiet ride. The new Advanced Mid-Section (AMS) incorporates perimeter mounts that deliver very low vibration, while sound barriers make it one of the quietest outboards in its segment. But if you like some extra decibels, Advanced Sound Control technology allows to toggle between quiet operation and a “throatier”-sounding sport mode. You can still turn heads when pushing the throttle.

250 & 300 HP FourStroke

The new 250 and 300 HP V8 FourStroke outboard engines deliver powerful performance while remaining quiet, efficient, reliable and strong. The high-displacement, four-cam design of the new V-8 generates plenty of torque, especially at mid-range. For instance, the 300 HP FourStroke delivers up to 9% more torque in the revs between 3500 and 4500 rpm. And despite a big displacement (4.6 liters), it’s still the lightest in the 300 HP class by over 10 pounds (almost 5 kilos).


Customers can choose between mechanical or digital (DTS) controls, and hydraulic or power steering. This versatility makes them the ideal outboard engine choice for repoBwering a wide range of different hulls. The new Mercury FourStroke V8 engines are also available in multiple colorBs and can be customized with the addition of an accent panel, as seen on the previously-introduced V6 Four strokes. Actually the same choice is available also on the Mercury Verado V8 above.

175-300 HP Pro XS

The new Mercury Pro XS include the 175 V6 and 200, 225, 250 V8 units, and for the first time ever even a 300 HP version. In this case the target customers are anglers and fishermen. Featuring Mercury’s new compact cowl, these engines’ high-displacement blocks and quad-cam architecture, plus the Transient Spark technology deliver high torque and fast acceleration, perfect for fishing tournaments.

All V6 and V8 Mercury Pro XS engines feature Adaptive Speed Control, which maintains the driver’s desired rpm regardless of load or condition, and 200-300 HP Pro XS models are available with either mechanical or digital controls.
A wide selection of Mercury propellers complete the offer in terms of versatility.

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