Volvo Penta Easy Connect expands to benefit more boaters

Volvo Penta Easy Connect app is now compatible with Android smart devices, and can be used to manage the small D1 and D2 engines.

It’s been launched just some months ago and it’s already time for an important improvement. Volvo Penta Easy Connect is a free app that provides users with data of the engine, boat and routes – directly on their smartphone or tablet – which can be viewed again when back on land. And with this update, it is now compatible with Volvo Penta’s D1 and D2 engines; and by the beginning of June the app will also be available for Android devices.

Use it now or later

Volvo Penta Easy Connect for D1 and D2 engines is available for single installations dating from 2007 onwards, and requires an MDI (mechanical diesel interface) box. The Easy Connect Interface also includes NMEA2000 functionality, enabling it to be connected to an existing NMEA network within the boat in order to give access to additional data such as speed, depth sensors, and compatible chart plotters or multi-function displays onboard.

Easy Connect will show info that is already available from the boat’s engine or via the NMEA2000 network: the app is paired with an onboard Bluetooth interface installed in the boat, which transfers data. Instant availability of live data is complemented by stored information that can be looked at when away from the vessel, so you have all the time to comfortably check the behavior of your engine and understand or reckon what you need to: there is a ‘Captain’ view for onboard operation, and a ‘Home’ view to see saved information when not connected to the boat.
Captain View: This view for D1 and D2 engines gives access to data such as engine speed, coolant temperature, battery voltage, boat speed, fuel level, depth, and routes (depending on NMEA2000 connection).

Easy Connect allows users
to share information on their
favorite trips with friends
and family on social media

Home View: Key information is always stored within the app; and the app also keeps a list of all previous journeys, allowing boat owners to revisit their favorite trips. Journeys are tracked only when the engine ignition is on. In the map function, owners will be able to see the position of the boat when they were last connected. Home view also gives fuel level and engine hours when last connected to the boat.

Easy Connect allows users to share information on their favorite trips with friends and family on social media, to give a further level of fun to boating.

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