Mercury Marine launches the new Mercury 150 Pro XS

It’s been designed for those who need dependability and performance. Mercury 150 Pro XS is for professional use, but mainly for fishing, both leisure and professional.

The outboard motor market is increasingly specialized. So, it is common that today customers look for an engine designed specifically for certain uses, and not just belonging to a brand or a power range. This is the typical case of heavy duty use, such as fishing, transport / towing of heavy loads, and other professional uses. Mercury Marine already has a very successful model in the range, the 2016 115 Pro XS.  It’s now time to grow into another hard-fought market segment, so here’s the Mercury 150 Pro XS.

Simple or hi-tech?

It is a performing and reliable unit, based on the well-known 150 hp 4-stroke (therefore belonging to the FourStroke family, not the Optimax). Instead of a particularly sophisticated – and potentially fragile – architecture, the 150 Pro XS has only four cylinders and 2 valves per cylinder. The performance comes from a high displacement (3 liters is a high number for a 4 cylinder) and from various other solutions.
For example, Transient Spark, the exclusive Mercury technology that optimizes ignition timing to increase torque during acceleration. The extra torque translates into a faster acceleration, a useful advantage in the “drag race” scenarios that often occur in sport fishing. More, the increase in the maximum rotation speed from 5800 to 6000 rpm, allows to chose between a wider spectrum of propeller pitches, as well as fine tuning of the parameters in order to increase acceleration or maximum speed.

Four extra water intakes offer
more flexibility and allow to mount
the engine in a raised position or set a more
aggressive attitude during navigation.

The new Mercury 150 Pro XS also uses a high-performance shaft with a final ratio of 2.08: 1, which transmits more torque to the propeller, improving acceleration. In addition to the standard water intakes on the sides, the unit has four more on the foot’s ogive. This solution offers more flexibility and allows to mount the engine in a raised position, install a jack plate or set a more aggressive attitude during navigation: in this way you can optimize the performance without sacrificing the flow of cooling water.

Another feature suitable for professional use is the top-of-the-range charging power (60 Ampere) combined with Idle Charge technology, which prevents the battery from discharging during the feeding of multiple electronic devices and during trolling.
As if this were not enough, the new outboard weighs 9 kg less on the scale, for a total of 206 Kg: another step towards performance.

To conclude with the prerogatives, we still have to mention the improved range, the optimized mount system, the reduced running vibrations and the extensive use of low copper alloys that increase the protection against corrosion: Mercury offers three years of warranty against this problem, which is a sector best.

In essence, the new Mercury 150 Pro XS aims to work use and in particular to fishing enthusiasts and professionals, who seek performance and reliability. At the same time, it but also winks at many fiberglass boats maybe intended for charter (thus often in motion) and also to the world of pontoons, of course larger than the one we test here. 

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