Azimut Grande 25 M: the new Italian yacht bets on informality

Stefano Righini is once again the exterior designer of Azimut Grande 25 M, built in carbon fiber (Carbon Tech is the name used by the Shipyard), while the interiors are by Achille Salvagni. The living-dining area is available in two versions.

Azimut Yachts has launched another model of the Grande line: her name is simply Azimut Grande 25 meters, and she features several peculiar characteristics. Starting with the use of carbon fiber, material used for the superstructure, the roll-bar, the hard top and the transom. Stefano Righini‘s external lines are slender and rather aggressive, for owners who want to stand out with a determined but also informal approach.

Informal interiors

The informal style of Azimut Grande 25 M is especially visible in the interiors by Achille Salvagni: the most unusual element, especially in this size, is represented by the architecture of the living area. The typical distinction between lounge and dining spaces leaves room here for a single, transformable zone. So, when you are not having lunch inside, you can enjoy much wider spaces in which to move easily, between two proper lounging areas, while when necessary the table facing the sofa can be raised and create a dining area for eight people. For those who prefer a more traditional use of space, the shipyard offers a version with sofas on one side and table on the other side.

The search for informality has been emphasized by the interior designer also through the introduction of smooth and soft colors, ranging from purple to robin’s egg blue, used in a way that never looks predictable.
The galley and the pilot house can be separated from the rest of the deck thanks to sliding doors and glass doors (which become opaque at the touch of a button), allowing the crew to operate without interfering with owner and guests.

The space onboard Azimut
Grande 25 Mis that of a pretty
large motoryacht, but do not
affect the profile of the boat,
which remains slender

Below deck there’s four cabins, (three double and a twin), while the crew area features a cabin for the captain, a second cabin with bunk beds and a crew mess accessible by a staircase aft of the deckhouse. As mentioned, all crew routes are separated from those for guests to maximize privacy on board.

The space onboard Azimut Grande 25 M is that of a pretty large motoryacht, as she also sports with a large tender garage, but do not affect the profile of the boat, which remains slender.

In the engine room there’s two Man engines delivering 1,650 hp each or, as an option, the more powerful version with 1,800 hp: in this case the maximum speed is 29 knots and the cruising speed 26.

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