BRP further diversifies: by acquiring Alumacraft Boats they enter the fishing market

BRP has announced the creation of the Marine Group, with the acquisition of Alumacraft Boats. It’s one of the top private North American manufacturer of aluminum fishing boats.

By solidifying its position in the marine market through a boat company acquisition to complement its outboard engine portfolio, BRP aims to eventually transform the marine business worldwide with its world-renowned technical expertise, design prowess and ingenuity. So, the Canadian group has acquired Alumacraft Boats and has decided to create a new division along with Evinrude. The President of the newly-born Marine Group will be Tracy Crocker, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Evinrude Outboard Motors since 2017.

When old age means more opportunities

This acquisition will allow BRP to leverage the strength and reputation of two iconic players: on one side, Alumacraft Boats and their extensive boating know-how since 1946, on the other side Evinrude’s expertise in 2-stroke outboard motors for over 110 years.

Alumacraft is known as one of the first companies to build aluminum boats for fishing and recreation, with an innovative design for the times, and for the introduction of the revolutionary 2Xb hull with two layers of aluminum sheets joined by aeronautic rivets. They are now employing over 250 people in two U.S. locations and has a network of 275+ dealers around the globe.

Soon we’ll see only Evinrude motors

In the short term, the Group’s plan is to focus on network optimization to leverage the strengths of both product lines and gradually reinforce their presence in the industry.

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