Your extra eyes: new GC100 wireless cam by Garmin Marine

It is fundamental to keep an extra eye on other parts of the boat where we can’t physically be. So the new GC100 wireless cam by Garmin Marine is a good tool to monitor different areas. With no trouble for installation.

Let’s say, while you are mooring, if the camera points at the cockpit you can stay at the main helm station and still keep the view of what is happening at the stern. And, thanks to the absence of connection wires, it can be installed without problems even in the engine room or in other cramped places, which need to be checked on whenever necessary, and with the convenience of doing it by simply looking at the Garmin Marine chartplotter display.

Up to seven

Durable, compact and versatile, the GC100 wireless cam has a 720 pixel HD resolution. The maximum number of cameras that can be installed is seven (its mounting bracket allows great flexibility of installation), while the compatible display can show up to four in split-screen mode. Once switched on, it is immediately working, and thanks to an integrated sensor, the images are clear even in case of low light.

The new GC 100 wireless cam is compatible with Garmin Marine chartplotters of the GpsMap 8400, 7400, 1022/122 and 722/922/1222 Touch series, and is priced at around 330 euros VAT excluded.
In the box , along with the GC 100 wireless cam, there’s an installation cover, the mounting kit, 10 meters of power cable and all the documentation.

The numbers of Garmin GC 100 wireless cam



Size (LxHxD)

5.0 x 4.0 x 2.8 cm


50 g


10 W

Video resolution


Night vision distance

Up to 3 meters

Number of connectable cameras

Up to 7

Wireless connectivity


Working temperature

from -20 to 60°C

Waterproof category


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