Sunreef Yachts 40h

Sunreef Yachts makes another step in catamarans’ design

Sunreef Yachts introduces the 40 H, a revolutionary concept for a cruise catamaran with outboards and hydrofoil.

The designers with Sunreef Yachts have developed a 40ft, fast cruise catamaran with a hydrofoil system. It’s called Sunreef Yachts 40H and in the first sketches it’s powered by four outboard engines for a top speed of 70 knots.

Such speed will be possible in total comfort, thatnks to the hydrodynamic fins: the boat will be kept out of the water, thus reducing most of the drag. Thanks to the stability granted by the double hull, the Sunreef Yachts 40 H promises to be perfectly balanced, so she won’t need any complicated system to keep her steady.

Sunreef Yachts 40h

Passengers and crew will cruise in comfort and safety even at high speeds. This is what Sunreef designers state, although we keep some doubts as we see how the cockpit features typical cruise furniture, like couches and sun pads, and no sporty seats.

Even the hard top structure must be very tough to bear such high paces. In other words…we can’t wait to see her in the water.

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