Visit Bellini Nautica and live Lake Iseo, among vintage Rivas and much more

Enter Bellini Nautica headquarters and you find yourself surrounded by tradition and innovation. And, it’s a dependable service on Lake Iseo.

Mahogany Riva Aquaramas are a thing for the happy few, but the same care that the Bellini Nautica has for these exclusive boats is also dedicated to fiberglass daycruisers.
In addition customers can count on the expertise of Romano Bellini and his sons Battista and Martina, and of the long-time collaborator Beppe Pievani, to be guided in choosing the future boat. A team joined by the motorist Carlo “Charly” Marini, owner of an authorized Volvo Penta service point, but also an expert in big American V8s, like those found in Aquaramas.

Service and passion

Dealer of brands such as Cranchi, Scanner, Numarine and Comitti, Bellini Nautica is a qualified reference to advise in choosing the right boat for the lake, but also for larger yachts to cruise on the sea.
Check the website under the “boats for sale” section and you’ll find so many different units, all covered by warranty and overhauled, with a wide range of prices and offers: from Riva Ariston to the latest generation Cranchi, through a myriad of day cruisers and motoryachts.

If you already own a boat and Lake Iseo is in your heart, you will appreciate the services by Clusane marina (on the southern shore of the lake, a few kilometers from Brescia and the Palazzolo exit of A4 highway): with 100 slips in the water, up to 18 meters and another 300 indoor, towing service featured by three large bridge cranes, you will always have your boat ready to be used.

If the boat needs some maintenance, the team of Bellini Nautica is structured not only to restore mahogany Rivas (and they are among the few in the world able to do it), but also to perform a total refitting on any boat. And when we say “total refitting” we mean it: for instance, the electrical system can be rebuilt from scratch on the needs of the owner, same as the painting thanks to a dedicated chamber. Then again, craftmen who work the mahogany on Rivas will be able to perform any kind of work on wood, and the same happens for cushions and fabrics.

And if you fancy a day on the lake cruising on a beautiful Riva Aquarama, you have the chance to rent it. Bellini Nautica has set up a skipper service to get to know Lake Iseo on a dream boat and, if you wish, end the day with a toast at sunset with an equally exclusive bottle from Franciacorta wine district. But if you want to discover Lake Iseo freely, then you can go for a modern speedboat, as Bellini Nautica has this opportunity as well.

There’s many more services to mention, like transportation, oradvice for the nautical bureaucracy, but we suggest to pay them a visit if Lake Iseo is your destination: Romano Bellini and his staff will surely find the best way to help you.

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