Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit: built exactly for your fishing needs this winter

After a summer fishing season, maybe some of you want to keep on with angling under the ice. So, Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit is exactly what you need. It works perfectly with Dragonfly so you can use it all year round.

Some boaters, or better some sportsfishermen, don’t want to stop their gaming in winter season, when the waters they like to go for catch are frozen. They know that under that ice cap there’s plenty of fish to look for: salmon, trout, grayling, pike or char. But how? Here’s comes the Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit, that will give them everything they need for a successful catch. Designed specifically for the Dragonfly and built to withstand the harsh winter elements, the waterproof bag has a rugged base to sit on the ice as well as a stay-open flap to aid viewing when in use.

The Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit also houses a rechargeable 12v/7Ah battery, charger, and high-frequency CHIRP CPT-S ice fishing transducer with float. Full-sized cargo pockets provide room for tackle, and the integrated rod holders make it easy for anglers to keep everything organized. It can be deemed an all-in-one portable fishing package.

Its tailor-made components transform any Dragonfly Pro, DVS or 1st generation Dragonfly (not included, needless to say) into the ultimate ice fishing machine.


Here’s the main Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit’s features:

  • Waterproof bag, 12v/7Ah battery with international charger, base, CPT-S ice transducer with float and clips
  • High-frequency CHIRP CPT-S ice transducer targets bait and fish down to 900 feet
  • Rugged, waterproof bag with an easy-stay-open door for easy screen viewing
  • Pre-drilled provisions for mounting any size Dragonfly Gen 1 or Gen 2
  • Extra storage for various size tackle boxes and integrated rod holders to carry all your gear.

So, if you’re looking for tasty fish to cook during the cold winter season, now you know what you need. Take your Raymarine Ice Fishing Kit and your gear, and go for frozen water.

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