Yanmar engines show their technology for 2019 at Boot Düsseldorf

The Japanese manufacturer has launched a new motor in Germany. But a whole range of Yanmar engines was there as they are ready to supply the boating market for the season to come.

Yanmar engines have been one of the highlights of the latest edition of Boot Düsseldorf. A complete line-up of sailboat and powerboat engines has been led by the new 4LV250 sterndrive diesel motor, seen for the first time, alongside the popular Yanmar 6LY and 8LV series and the proven JH common rail (CR) series of sailboat engines.

Fast, quiet, clean

Offering good performance, in terms of acceleration, fuel efficiency, quiet and virtually smoke/odor-free operation, and low vibration for a smooth-running engine, the Yanmar range suits a wide variety of vessels from sailboats, yacht tenders, motorboats, up to fast sports crafts and ski boats.

Yanmar 4LV sterndrive with Comon rail

Yanmar 3JH40 is the world’s smallest in its category

Yanmar recently launched its new generation 4LV sterndrive diesel models fitted with the Yanmar ZT370 transmission. The 150 to 250 hp range with ZT370 sterndrive adds to the established 150, 170, and 195 hp units (redline at 3500 rpm) and high-power 230 and 250 hp models (redline at 3800).

Proved for cruising applications and good for installation in boats with limited engine-room space, the fourth-generation 6LY series has been built with all the features of the predecessors, combined with the latest technical know-how to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Meanwhile, the high-end performance 8LV series is ideal for fast sports craft, ski boats and luxury cruisers, combining high speed and acceleration with low noise levels and fuel economy. With a maximum engine speed of 3,800 rpm, which is a peculiar figure when compared to other engines in this sector, it also provides excellent performance at extra-low speeds, idling at 550 rpm.

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