Schenker Watermakers: 20 years of fresh water with Schenker ZEN

The still short story of the company tells of twenty years of success on the global market. The latest chapter is a new range of compact desalinators dubbed Schenker ZEN.

Schenker Watermakers: the name already says what they do. More in detail, they manufacture energy recovery desalinators, ideal for providing simple and eco-sustainable solutions for the production of water on board. The company is about to reach the 20-year milestone, and is achieving a substantial increase in sales and the expansion of the distribution network across the world.

Innovation and energy-saving are the basic principles of any watermaker by Schenker. They all feature the patented “Energy Recovery System” which increases the pressure of normal low-pressure pumps and recovers the hydraulic energy returning from the membranes: this allows a reduction in power consumption up to 80%.

The innovation of Schenker ZEN

A few months ago, the company launched the first Schenker ZEN watermaker, an innovative model that will implement the three different product lines. Thus, now the offer makes it possible to meet all the needs, starting from smaller boats up to superyachts.

ZEN has been a commercial success since, to the point that more than 200 have been sold worldwide since its introduction in November. In order to face the increase in sales, starting next June the production activities will be transferred to a new and modern factory.

Raymarine and Schenker: how to manage the desalinator through the touchscreen

Schenker ZEN, as the name suggests, is about essentiality. And indeed its features are simplicity, lightness, and installation flexibility. Another premier in the sector is the study on aesthetics already refined since the first design phases. This means a good look, even for a device that is usually confined to hidden spots of the boat, in technical rooms or in the engine bay. The size is definitely small, with a depth of only 10 cm.

More, Schenker ZEN is lightweight and quiet, therefore it can be a good choice for small crafts, even ribs. And it can mounted horizontally on the bottom of a locker or vertically on a side of the technical room.

A sea of fresh water with a drop of power. Meet the new energy saving desalinators

The basic model of the Schenker ZEN produces 30 liters per hour of fresh water, using only 110 W of power. The latest, 50 liter per hour version covers the needs of boats of around 45-50 feet, which usually carry 5-6 guests. It is also equipped with an “economy” function that allows to halve the consumption by limiting the production of fresh water to save electrical absorption on board: according to the figures, it is capable of producing 50 liters of fresh water with a consumption of only 240 W. And it is quite affordable as well, with a suggested retail price, including remote control and accessories, of € 4,985 plus taxes.

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