New stabilizers for total comfort at anchor and in navigation

2015 will start…in comfort.

There’s plenty of new accessories to come, including three different stabilizers from three different companies.

Vector Fin stabilizers and Side Power SPS55 actuator

They promise to reduce roll by 50% at the anchor, and up to 30% in navigation. It’s the new stabilizing systems called Vector Fin (TM), and they carry an international patent. Perfect for planing boats, Vector Fin are available for yachts 15 to 22 meters (50 to 75 feet), thanks to the new Side Power SPS55 actuators, whose compact size allow an easy installation. They can be powered by a standard hydraulic system, alternate or direct current, or even a combination of these two.

side-power-vector-fin side-power-vector-fin

From down under: Veem Gyro stabilizers

They come from Australia, and get to the market after 10 years of work by the R&D department of Veem Gyro. There’s three models for different yacht sizes, for for OEM or retrofitting, but in general they best fit on yachts 130 feet and above. The system works without fins, and thanks to the sophisticated technology used, installation and maintenance are quite easy. The software developed for Veem Gyro is patented and grants the highest possible efficiency in the segment of gyroscopic stabilizers.

A new electric actuator for fin stabilizers from Abt-Trac

It’s the eTRAC(TM), it’s produced in California by Abt-Trac, and it’s an electric actuator that works with fin stabilizers. Installation is quick and maintenance is not a worry, and as it works with no hydraulic system it’s also very quiet. eTRAC(TM) is thinner than competitors, and at the moment it’s available for boats 27 to 33 meters (90 to 100 feet), but the range will be expanded to cover 20 to 55 mt (65 to 170 feet). Abt-Trac is specialized in static and dynamic stabilizers, and side thrusters.

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