“The Master Bridge”: we have watched the short film dedicated to Carlo Riva

To years after his passing away, Ferretti Group celebrates Carlo Riva with the short film “The Master Bridge”. It’s been shown at Cortinametraggio festival in Italy.

The Master Bridge” is a legendary story, a tale told in Riva style with passion and originality. It’s been previewd in Cortina, the posh village in the Italian Alps, during the 14th edition of Cortinametraggio. It is the tribute paid by Ferretti Group to the genius of Carlo Riva two years after his death.

The Master Bridge is the star

The short film celebrates, in 15 intense minutes, the hystorical Sarnico-based headquarters Of Riva. The main character of the movie is indeed “La Plancia”, the Master Bridge, the famous and futuristic office which Carlo Riva wanted on Lake Iseo.

The structure overhangs above the lake and was personally designed by engineer Carlo Riva along with architect Giorgio Barilani. It is still considered and architectural masterpiece and a landmark for the lake. Carlo Riva was so fond of La Plancia that, after selling the boatyard, he rented it and went on using it as his personal office for almost 10 years.

“The Master Bridge” enhances this space and the history of the entire boatyard. Script and direction are by Leopoldo Caggiano, already awarded several times at Cortinametraggio. The story tells of the journey of a young film maker, played by actor Gabriele Stella, in search of the secret, of the essence, of the Riva myth.

After a tour of the manufacturing plant and the conversation, inside the very Master Bridge, with an enigmatic Giorgio Marchesi, in the role of yard manager, the young artist will sense the bewitching power of the most famous boats in the world. The striking and surprising finale is a touch of class that evokes the strength of the Riva myth. The interpretation of all the actors is intense but never over the limit: alongside Giorgio Marchesi and Gabriele Stella, there’s Elettra Mallaby and Claudia Gambino. “The Master Bridge” is produced by Reef Comunicazione.

Carlo Riva has passed away. Our farewell to a real legend of boating

Entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, cutting-edge technologies and innovative design are still the main features of Riva, supported by the Ferretti Group. Over the decades, these distinctive elements have consolidated the bond between Riva boats and cinema.

Anita Ekberg, bought a Triton, Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used a Junior as a tender for their yacht. And Brigitte Bardot, photographed in all her rebel beauty on the Cote d’Azur aboard her Florida, or Sean Connery, who owned a Rudy, and again Sofia Loren and George Clooney.

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