RepowerE, the electric way of boating is now on tour

It’s been introduced in Genoa last year, but only static. Now RepowerE starts a tour on the water, to convince skeptics about its potential.

From Liguria to Lake Garda, from Lake Varese to Trieste: the RepowerE tour has started in May and will finish in October. The Swiss company has decided that there’s only one way to explain the meaning of cruising “electric”: try it. Zero emissions, zero noise, zero vibrations. In other words, make one step into the future. The first appointment is in May, at Riviera Film Festival in Sestri Levante (Liguria, east of Genoa). Then RepowerE will move to Lake Varese from 3 to 9 June, at the Italian Rowing Championships: July and August will be full of tests on Lake Garda with base in Sirmione; then again in October RepowerE will move to Trieste.

The two versions of RepowerE

RepowerE is a full electric boat, 10.5-meter long and 3-meter wide. It’s available in the two models Open and Cabin, with three versions (Basic, Business and Luxury) that differ in construction technology (traditional lamination or vacuum infusion), size of the battery pack (from 20 to 100 kWh) and type of options required. The Open version is completely…open, and can carry up to 30 people, while the Cabin (the one on tour) features a covered mid section and is certified for 21 passengers. RepowerE was born as a work craft, and it’s no coincidence that its first application (in the Open version) is for taxi services on Lake Garda. But, it can also be used as a pleasure craft, for a different kind of navigation which can boost new emotions.

As for the Business and Luxury versions, RepowerE sports two, 20 kW electric motors, each supported by a 40 kWh battery pack that can be extended on request. At the operating speed of 5/6 knots the range exceeds 10 hours, and the certification allows to cruise in waves up to two meters. Counting the beans, a day of navigation costs about 6 euros (7 dollars), which is the approximate cost for recharging a standard 40 kWh battery pack.

The Repower vision, however, does not focus only on the boat, but also on the ecosystem in which it works, starting with the infrastructure: Palina is the smart and cool-looking recharging tool that will manage RepowerE’s batteries.

Consistent with Repower mission, recharging points can also be used by RepowerE. In the worst case, batteries can even be charged by connecting to the standard power network of any ports, in case there’s no Repower’s Palina or Bitta charging points.


Furthermore, Repower allows to choose from a range of contractual formulas: from the complete purchase of boat and batteries, to the purchase of the boat alone and the lease of the battery pack, up to the leasing of the entire boat and battery package for a maximum of 48 months (then evaluate a possible buyback). For short periods or events, Repower wants to supply also a boat rental service with skipper.

Who is Repower

Repower group has been active in the electricity sector for over 100 years. They are based in Poschiavo (Cantone dei Grigoni, Switzerland) and are among the first Swiss operators in providing power by renewable sources.


They operate on the main European power stock markets, as well as on the whole Swiss and Italian energy markets. Repower is present throughout the sector’s value chain and sustainability has always guided its activities, from generation through all value-added services offered to its customers. Since 2002 Repower has been active in Italy, where they exclusively work in B2B generating a volume of business (in 2018) north of 1.2 billion euros, out of a total of 1.8 billion euros.

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The numbers of RepowerE

  • Length overall ……………………… 10.56 m
  • Length LH ………………… 9.99 m
  • Beam …………………………. 3.00 m
  • Draft ………………………. 0.38-0.44 m
  • Dry displacement ………… 3.500 kg
  • Passengers …………………. 30-21
  • Power at propellers ……… 2×11 – 2×20 kW
  • Batteries ……………….. 20-40 kWh

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