Mercury Marine Propellers expand their facilities in Fond du Lac

The enlargement of the production site of Mercury Marine Propellers makes a clear statement about a more thorough commitment by the American manufacturer in the screws field.

Mercury propellers do represent one of the largest offers on the market, and not just for American boaters. And, even though the name could say of high performance, let’s not forget that their catalog has a wide variety of models for daily uses: not only for leisure navigation, but also for professional uses. Common to all, is the quality of the materials and the efficiency of the design.

Mercury Marine Propellers doubles production

The latest news is, Mercury Marine has officially started the construction of a new section of the propeller molding premises. This expansion at the Mercury headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, will allow the company to almost double its current production of stainless steel propellers.

Mercury will invest a total of 17 million dollars to expand the structure and with this expansion, the total investment from 2008 to date exceeds 1.1 billion dollars. There’s no need to underline that we are talking of big numbers, and that the American company wants to keep and consolidate a leadership in the segment.

The market growth in high horsepower 4-stroke outboards plus the market reception to Mercury’s new V-6 and V-8 outboards has driven an unprecedented increase in demand for stainless steel propellers”, said Dirk Bjornstad, Mercury Marine Propellers general manager. “This capital expansion will align the propeller business with our increased growth as well as position the business to gain additional market share with new best in class propeller designs”.

With this move Mercury Marine Propellers defend their position in outboard and sterndrive propeller manufacturing, both in aluminum and stainless-steel, for different uses from work to performance. The number of different props they offer is north of 400.

Growing our operations in Fond du Lac not only shows our commitment to our global customers but our commitment to growth in the community”, said Bjornstad. “This expansion will also allow us the opportunity to improve on our best-in-class sustainability at the plant. Mercury consistently sets a new benchmark in energy and water consumption and both of those will be a major focus in our manufacturing processes”.

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