Hypnosquid by Curtò design: would you own one?

Inspired by the elegance, speed and agility of the Mediterranean cuttlefish, the 63-m Hypnosquid project encloses some of Roberto Curtò’s ideas for a superyacht.

All-aluminum exteriors feature bright LED windows which take the view to the fore and represent the animal’s eyes. From inside, these eyes will allow guests to have an unencumbered viw over the horizon.

Don’t look me straight

The layout is quite uncommon: most of the superyachts this size (and even much smaller ones actually) sport accommodation for 12 people, but Hypnosquid stops at ten. The reason lies in the Duplex owner’s apartment: it consists of a bedroom upstairs, and lounge and library downstairs.

This suite is located in the front of the ship, and also includes a full beam lobby with plants as in a garden, to simulate the favorite owner’s landscape (from zen garden to desert rocks). Being on two levels, the area is two deck tall and sky light passes through the big window on top permitting plants to grow. The master bedroom is visually always in connection with it.

Guests cabins are located in the lower deck, but the designer claims them to be larger (than…others, we guess) and with full comforts.

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On the main deck, ahead of the squid-eye-shaped windows by the main salon, there’s a large game area, that is fully closable thanks to moving panels on the perimeter in order to become the stage for intense poker game sessions.

The dining area for 12 and the galley are separated with a glass wall, so it’s possible to see the chef working any time (give him the union break, though). In the upper deck the wheelhouse has full access to the entire open area in the bow.

To aft Hypnosquid features a wellness area with massage center, gym an open air solarium, and a cinema room. On the upper deck, another wellness area with Jacuzzi and a big sun-bed has full view ahead: this spot is studied to enjoy the sunset from the highest place on the yacht.

Destinations: Hypnosquid hull and features permit to safely cross the Atlantic ocean, however in the designer’s mind the best locations are Mediterranean and Caribbean areas. Hypnosquid is a yacht for an owner who loves to dream, or for a Ian Fleming 007’s super villain. She’s conceived for someone who wants exclusivity and performance on one side, but above all a piece of art.

According to Roberto Curtò of RC Design, this should be the main motivation to push a potential owner towards the realization of Hypnosquid. On the other hand, the real-world aspect of finding a prospect and taking them through the building and purchase process should be on SuperYachtsMonaco.

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