Aerpro: how to put out a fire with a spray

Aboard your boat it is fundamental to save weight and simplify installation, as well as to have a proper fire extinguishing system.

That’s why water-spray devices are a practical and effective solution as an alternative to traditional systems using gas, water and other means. The water-spray extinguisher is designed and built using the innovative technology Aerosol AerPro by FirePro, and it’s marketed in Italy by Polytechno Engineering and Saim Marine.

Among the many advantages: no more tanks and pipes, no more mechanical and hydraulic plants, which mean weight and complication. Simply, a practical square steel box, or a small tank for smaller spaces, needing just a very easy mount and plug. They can be installed on existing boats even while in the water, and using the previous smoke sensors.
Linear design, flexibility, simplicity of installation and maintenance, environmental friendliness, non-toxicity: thanks to these features the Aerosol AerPro by FirePro solves in the most practical and safe way many issues on boats of every size. It works through condensed potassium, that blocks the radicals triggering the combustion via a double action, physical and chemical. The extinguishing power of the condensed potassium is not caused by suffocation or down-cooling (as it happens with water), but by a terminal reaction of the chain inducted by fire itself.

In other words, it’s extremely efficient.
Developed and built by FirePro Celanova, European leading Company in the sector, Aerosol AerPro by FirePro is certified by the authorities in charge and fully compliant to international law on fire extinguishers.

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