On Pershing 8X, the boat plays the music underwater: it’s Music Hull by Videoworks

It’s not simple underwater speakers, it’s a brand new technology. Music Hull shakes the hull of Pershing 8X so it can play hi-fi music underwater.

It’s a premiere not only for the brand, but for the pleasure boating sector: the new Pershing 8X marks the debut of Music Hull by Videoworks. The system allows to listen to music underwater, while scuba diving or simply taking a swim. If you can’t really cope with the sound (and silence) of nature, this one’s for you. The system has been developed by Ferretti Group engineering department rogether with Videoworks, and uses the hull of the boat like it were a high definition speaker.

Shake me up

But actually, and here’s the main news, there’s no underwater speakers: the devices that have been designed and used are called “shakers”. They make the underwater part of the hull vibrate, in the frequency range of the music, so it is diffused through the water. No need to have pass-through holes in the hull for traditional speakers.

Music Hull (as we said, we like the small pun with “music hall”) is managed via the VOTIS system (“Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System”), which unifies in a single support all the remotes, and is expandable to domotics controls in every space of the yacht. It can also be managed from a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch, from owners and guests.

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More in detail, the system uses six “shakers” on the inner surface of the hull, to aft. The audio technology of the shakers transforms part of the submerged hull into a giant speaker, thanks to the physics of bending wave acoustics. This allows to fill the space with uniform acoustic pressure and harmonic response at the same time. The audio quality is guaranteed by a dedicated electronic equalization algorithm.

Videoworks lab

The best thing for 24-7 music freaks is that the same sound is heard both underwater and outside (through the speakers installed in the cockpit): in this way guests can lull themselves with the same melodies both during a swim and when out of the water. Under the surface, the music can be heard up to around 20 meters. As for the VOTIS system, it has been installed on Ferretti Group’s yachts since 2013, so the addition of the Music Hull technology did not entail any changes from the control point of view.
Now you have no more excuses: you can cover the sound (and silence) of the nature in every place and every time.

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