Azimut Yachts bets on Cannes: at the Yachting Festival with 21 models and three world previews

The French show in September will be a big performance for Azimut Yachts, as they take there the new Azimut Grande S10, Azimut 78, Atlantis 45, and another 18 models from 10 to 35 meters.

It seems there’s some numbers that Azimut Yachts wants to bet on Cannes’ Casino. 3 and 21 for sure. Then 10, 78 and 45, as is in the names of the three new world previews. Let’s see what they are about.

Azimut Grande S10

The Grande S10 (also in the opening image) is an original boat created in partnership with Alberto Mancini for concept and exteriors, and Francesco Guida for the interior design.

100 feet long, Azimut Grande S10 is inspired by the world of magasailers, by villas on the French Riviera, and even by car design, which gives the model a sporty personality and drives the shapes and choice of materials. For the interiors, Francesco Guida went for the idea of “flexibility as space multiplier”, i.e. the versatility of the spaces in the layout.

Azimut 78 Fly: another step toward the final model of the “techie” yacht

Among thee technological features of Grande S10 there’s an hi-tech bridge developed in partnership with Naviop, the electrochromic glass for the skylight by Isoclima Cromalite, and the latest-generation technical solutions identified by Azimut’s Innovation Lab. Built using much carbon fiber, Grande S10 will be the flagship of the S Collection, which has always represented a “lab” for Azimut Yachts to experiment new solutions.

Azimut 78

With exterior lines designed again by Alberto Mancini and interiors by Achille Salvagni, Azimut 78, the largest yacht ever built at the Avigliana Shipyard, is the new flagship in the Flybridge Collection and member of the Carbon-Tech generation. It is also the first yacht in her collection to be fitted with three Volvo IPS units, which should grant her fuel efficiency, good maneuverability, and more space on board.

The exterior design creates a continuous line that runs from bow to stern: the designer has coined the term “infinity line”. The sense of upward movement is replicated on the flybridge, where the handrail and roll-bar are one and become an integral part of the design.

The interiors (we have no renderings, so we trust the Yard’s words) feature the smooth atmosphere customary to Achille Salvagni, who prefers sleek, flowing lines to hard angularity. In the living area, the distinction between sofa and dining areas is abandoned in favor of a single space. The furnishings seem suspended in midair, while full-height glazed surfaces and a combination of soft colors, ranging from purple to baby blue give a relaxed yet original feeling.

Atlantis 45

Atlantis 45 which makes its international debut at Cannes, although the Italian public saw it in a preview event last May. With interior and exterior design developed in partnership with Neo Design, Atlantis 45 has large storage capacity and interior livability, with full-beam owner and guest staterooms, and a galley and dinette that face each other for better functionality.

Outside, the forward and aft sunpads and the big windshield with no central pillar ensure a pleasant navigation and don’t affect the sporty lines that are a feature of this class. The new Azimut Atlantis 45 is fitted with two Volvo IPS 600 units (435 hp), for a top speed of over 33 knots.

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