Meet the all-new Suzuki DF300B, outboard engine with dual propeller

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced the introduction of the brand new Suzuki DF300B, which is the latest outboard model to join the brand’s existing series of dual-propeller motors.

For the moment it’s a preview, but we are confident that soon we’ll be able to…put our hands on it for a test. The new Suzuki DF300B has a maximum output of 300hp who could guess…?) and features many of Suzuki’s technologies.

Which technologies?

The main tech features of the new engine are for sure the Dual Prop system, which optimizes forward thrust by combining two contra-rotating propellers, and 2-stage gear reduction, in which the gear ratio is first reduced in between the crankshaft and the driveshaft, then reduced again within the gear case, to deliver powerful propulsion by rotating large diameter propellers that have high thrust efficiency.

Although larger than a supercharged unit (which can afford smaller displacement), Suzuki DF300B is rather compact for the range, at 4,390cm3. The architecture is four-stroke V6.
The DF300B was developed to meet the needs of customers who wish to have the same technologies as Suzuki’s flagship DF350A outboard, installed on a 300-hp class unit.

The main benefit of combining the highly-efficient contra-rotating propellers and a compact 2-stage gear reduction, is that it is able to deliver high propulsion power, meaning the DF300B can be rigged onto heavier boats. With the use of regular (91 RON) gas, it can be marketed in more countries and regions, even where the fuel quality is rather poor, and can be targeted to a wider range of usage from business to leisure.

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The new DF300B can be seen for the first time at the Marstrand Boat Show in Sweden (23 – 25 August) then at the Oslo Boat Show in Norway (5 – 8 September). Suzuki Distributors throughout Europe will then be displaying the new outboard as part of a DF300B tour at the Cannes, Southampton, and Genoa boat shows in September.

Production will commence at Suzuki’s Kosai Plant in Japan by the end of 2019. The DF300B will be sold alongside the existing DF300AP, which very much still has its place within the range and within the marketplace due to its lighter weight and different performance characteristics.

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