Thermal and assisted docking at their best with Flir Systems and Raymarine Docksense

Raymarine DockSense Alert, Flir M300 Series thermal maritime cameras, and Scion OTM camera. It’s the latest news that Flir Systems launched at MetsTrade.

It’s been a futuristic MetsTrade for Flir Systems. At the latest Dutch fair the Company introduced some cool electronics, like Raymarine DockSense Alert, the Flir M300 Series of thermal maritime cameras, and the Scion OTM handheld thermal camera.

Raymarine DockSense Alert

Raymarine DockSense Alert is part of Raymarine’s intelligent docking technology range. DockSense Alert can be installed on any boat to help captains safely monitor the surroundings and dock boats. The system detects, displays, and alerts the captain to obstacles around the boat by using an array of one to five DockSense stereo vision cameras, and a central processor connected to a Raymarine Axiom display or network.

DockSense Alert can measure distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels, and provide real-time visual indicators along with a live camera view on Raymarine Axiom multifunction displays.

Flir M300 Series

The Flir M300 Series is a range of maritime thermal cameras delivering awareness-enhancing technologies, safer navigation, and seamless integration with onboard boat systems. The successor to the Flir M-Series, the M300 Series consists of five models featuring rugged and robust new pan and tilt housings and integrated attitude heading reference system (AHRS) sensors, providing a steady view in rough seas.

The dual-sensor M364C and M364C LR models blend thermal and high-definition visible color video via patented Colour Thermal Vision (CTV) technology for enhanced identification of buoys, vessels and other targets at night. The cameras also feature Flir MSX imaging technology, which extracts edges and borders from the HD visible camera and blends these elements with the thermal image, giving operators improved visual recognition of distant objects.

Scion OTM

Flir Systems Scion OTM (Outdoor Thermal Monocular) is a handheld thermal camera that assists boaters to locate other vessels, landmarks, buoys, and floating debris even in total darkness and through glaring light or haze.

Built around the Flir Boson core, the Scion OTM produces thermal imaging and records geotagged videos and still images for playback long after the day is done. A rugged, IP67-rated housing ensures that the unit can be used in all weathers, while controls allow single-handed operation.

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