Oceanic Yachts 90 MY “Tsa Tsa” has finally been tested

Here’s the first details about the sea trial of the much expected Oceanic Yachts 90 MY, introduced during 2014 Cannes Yachting Festival

After the unanimous approval during the presentation in Cannes, there were some high expectations for the test results of the Oceanic Yachts 90 MY/Tsa Tsa, hull #1 of the newborn shipyard, measuring 27.8 x 7 mt (91 x 23 ft).
In particular, under the lens is the innovative architecture of the hull. Despite many tests in the water tank in Roma, and the positive feedback received, the results in the water have gone beyond expectations. The target was to obtain a hull with a reduced drag at the transom in order to get into planing at low speed, with the good maneuverability of a displacing vessel, without compromising the top speed which had to stay in the area of the competitors.

At 15 knots, the balance of the hull resembles the one of a heavy displacement boat, reducing unsteadiness as compared to a planing one. With a perfectly horizontal setup the Oceanic 90 takes advantage of a long floating surface, allowing to cruise with a small amount of power. At 8 knots, the engines burn less than 40 liters per hour in total (10 US gal), up to 70 (18 gph) at 10 knots.
The underwater exhaust is located right before the second section of the hull, and allows to get into plane both at a low speed and at 16.5 knots: despite an “oversize” superstructure the Oceanic Yachts 90 #1 has reached 22 knots of cruise speed and a top of 26.8, at two thirds load. The series production will use a kevlar superstructure, in order to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity. The designers are confident that newxt units will cruise at 23 and reach 27.


As the whole Oceanic production, “Tsa Tsa” #1 follows the brand philosophy: large inside and outside volumes for a comfortable life on board, chance to carry large tenders and water toys, high performance, capability of cruising at low paces for a reduced economical impact, bot on fuel consumption and on maintenance point of views.
Among the amenities of this hull #1, an owner’s stateroom located on the upper deck, with private terrace, while a VIP and two guest rooms are on the lower deck. The transformable cockpit, with large, modular couches, will also host a Sacs diesel 6.50 mt tender (21 ft 4 in). Another two 3-seater jet skis, teo Seabob and a JetLev will stay in the bow garage. Another standup jetski will stay on the deck by a 1.5 ton crane.

The engine bay is separated from the technical area by a spectacular noise insulation system, designed as on a 50 meters yacht, and by the crew quarters and the professional mess and galley.
Oceanic Yachts 90 MY is offered also in the DiElec version, with the optional diesel-electric pwertrain: in this case it’s possible to navigate with the two Caterpillar C32 and reach 27 knots, or alternatively with two electric motors powered by generators, for a speed of 8 knots and a fuel consumption of just 40 lph.

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