Here’s the third generation of Furuno Navnet Tztouch

The first Furuno Navnet Tztouch was released in 2012, followed by the 2nd generation in 2015. These MFDs are now even more powerful and functional.

Eight years have passed since the launch of the first Furuno Navnet multifunction display. Today we have come to TZTouch3, in short TZT3, with a more powerful Quad Core processor that offers greater performance and shorter response time. The displays are available in three different sizes, as explained by their names: TZT12F, TZT16F and TZT19F.


The TZT12F is a 12″ IPS Hybrid Touch display with integrated GPS and TruEcho CHIRP module.
The smartest feature is perhaps the one called Hybrid Touch: the reason being, in many situations the touch functionality can’t be used properly, either due to the sea conditions or the water that sprays the screen. Therefore Furuno has equipped the TZtouch 3 12″ version with a keyboard and a so-called RotoKey with integrated cursor and buttons.


The TZT16F and TZT19F are 16 and 19 inch displays, full HD and fully touch, that offer clear images from any angle.

With the TZT16F and TZT19F it is possible to use the split screen and view, in one of the four windows, the image from a third-party device (such as, for example, a PC with the Timezero program running) using the HDMI input port.

All three models include an integrated 1 kW TruEcho Chirp sounder, but for those who need a more powerful one Furuno has designed a 2kW / 3kW DI-FFAMP high power amplifier that connects directly with the internal TruEcho Chirp sounder.
The Deep Impact DI-FFAMP allows you to see even in very deep water, by connecting a 5kW or 10kW transducer with the BT-5 module.

The new version of the TZT3 firmware introduces a new system to manage and synchronize in the cloud “user objects“, that is, objects of particular interest to the user such as routes, waypoints, wrecks, etc. In addition, new types of user objects are now available as border areas (lines or circles).

The same points can then be synchronized between the TZT3 or TZT2 V7 with the TZ Navigator, TZ Professional and TZ iBoat V4 software (the latter i san iPad application): the synchronization happens instantly via wi-fi connections, and users no longer have to perform special import / export operations. This allows boaters to easily manage data on all their devices and wherever they are (at home, on the road or on board).

NavNet TZtouch 3 will be compatible with third-party marine applications, manageable from the MFD display on the main monitor or in one of the four portions of the screen. Examples of such applications are: Lumishore, Skymate, Maretron, Seakeeper and others. In the future, others may be added without the need to wait for a new firmware release, as it will be enough to install a new configuration file from the service menu.

The new NavNet includes a new function which will be useful for sport fishing enthusiasts, that is, the possibility of recording any type of catch and having all the information on the fish, including their photo. Catches can be recorded using the TZ First Mate App, and saved using the TZT2 in V7.

Finally, an increasingly important feature nowadays: with the TZT3 you can set an access password to protect all user data recorded by the device.

The Furuno NavNet TZtouch 3 is available from spring with an indicative price from € 3,230 + VAT.

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