Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43: the “pocket” superyachts, according to Tommaso Spadolini

Tommaso Spadolini launches his concept of “pocket superyacht “, if you can define such two yachts that measure respectively 30 and 43 meters in length. Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43 are aluminum boats with plenty of space, a widebody main deck, a large bow outdoor lounge with swimming pool, terraces overlooking the sea and the chance of having a hybrid propulsion and renewable energy systems.

Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43 are two siblings whose design comes from yachtowners’ wishes. Spadolini has over 40 years of experience in international boating and yacht design, and he wanted a sustainable approach because, as he states, “it is my duty to take care of the marine environment“.

Why are they dubbed pocket superyachts then? Because despite their considerable size and space, the external look – and this was the challenge – aims at conveying an idea of lightness, like they were smaller. The choice of a wide body project becomes the basic element of this result.

For now, it’s two concepts that represent, in the designer’s mind, the largest and the smallest of a possible range of aluminum yachts: “We have chosen to start with these dimensions, because it will be easier to maintain the family feeling and the layout on intermediate models with the same DNA“.

The key point on which these two concepts are developed is habitability: “Today customers expect unprecedented habitability, both inside and outside“, says the designer.

“For this reason, from the beginning I decided that the distinctive feature of the range would be the main ‘widebody’ deck, in order to maximize the internal space. Today customers also want to take full advantage of the foredeck area, and this aspect becomes a second distinctive feature”.

The look is massive and modern, the lines are clean, and the stern terraces that take the guests down to the sea on large, full-beam staircases sure look stunning. The swimming pools are to fore, to complete the second open-air lounge.

Despite the difference in terms of length and volumes between Montecristo 30 and Montecristo 43 (less than 200 GT against approx 340 GT), Spadolini worked to maintain the same elegant proportions. Of course the internal layouts differ. Let’s see how.

Montecristo 43

On the Montecristo 43 the extra meters translate into a large owner’s suite on the sun deck behind the wheelhouse. A double swing door leads to the external areas of the stern, ensuring both maximum privacy for the owner and a passage for guests, who can use the internal companionway to access the aft deck.

The owner apartment is located on the sun deck: an original choice, rarely seen on yachts. But it allows to have a wide body main deck entirely dedicated to the convivial areas: lounge, bar, dining room, as well as the galley and the captain’s cabin.

On the lower deck theres’ five guest cabins (three double, two twin), with access from the main salon. On the same level, there are also six cabins for the crew.

Montecristo 30

The layout of the 30-meter model is more traditional, with lounge, galley and full beam master cabin on the main deck. The sleeping area for guests (2 VIPs and a double cabin) and for the crew is on the lower deck. The dining area on the flybridge is bright, as it overlooks the external aft deck and features full-height sliding windows on both sides.


On both yachts the aft section of the sun deck is made of glass, designed to incorporate solar panels for supplying energy to onboard services. The engine room is configured to house battery banks that allow maneuvering or cruising at low speeds, silently and with zero emissions, in protected waters for a limited period of time.

On a practical point of view, an important feature is the area, dedicated to the crew, where they can receive supplies from a tender or unload the garbage.

(Italian text by Paola Bertelli)

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