Oromarine S13 Coupé, much speed and comfortable cruises

Italian rib Oromarine S13 Coupé is the evolution of a successful model. There’s a new, larger cabin for long cruises, and a lot of speed on the tap.

The Coupé version comes from the need of more space in the cabin. On the previous S13 model it was rather small, with a potty and not a heads. So, the flagship of the Oromarine yard becomes an even more cruise-oriented rib, with a length of 12.45 meters (LH is just under 10) capable of reaching 47 knots with 600 hp, but the maximum allowed output is 900.

Gentlemen, choose your engines

The top choice on the transom is three outboards, but in this case we have two. Another possibility would be to go for two inboards with sterndrives.
My test outside Napoli has been run with two Evinrude E-Tec G2, 300 hp each, with additional bracket, and 4-blade, 22” pitch props. On the dashboard I have iDock, an intuitive joystick control which makes it easier to maneuver and moor.

The conditions are excellent: it’s spring, the sun shines, and a light breeze does not affect the calm sea. It’s two of us on board, as we leave the harbor with 50 liters of water and 480 liters of fuel. I immediately appreciate the ergonomics of the wheel, which can be adjusted, as well as the positioning of the throttle levers. I connect the safety switch and start the test.

It takes three seconds to get into planing, then I start accelerating until WOT, where we “stall” at 44 knots and 5700 rpm. By adjusting the trims to 60% positive we are able to reach 6000 revs and 47 knots. Can you imagine, if we had that third engine…

Beside the great sense of safety, this rib entertains sportier boaters with great comfort and stability at all speeds

If I slow down, Oromarine S13 Coupé stays into planing down to 15 knots, so we can say that a quiet cruise can be reckoned at 30 knots, 4,500 rpm, and 84 liters per hour. Not bad at all!

Consumption is also very interesting, thanks to the frugal Evinrude G2 engines. Consider that at 3,000 rpm they burn a total of 41 liters per hour, then the need for juice increases fairly up to 185 lph above 5500 rpm.

What about handling? Beside the great sense of safety, not least for the weight, this rib entertains sportier boaters with great comfort and stability at all speeds. Even in tight turns, which can be tackled at 44 knots, the feedback is good in terms of water grip and trajectory, with no drifting at all. Also, a good help comes from the extremely protective windshield.

As I mentioned, the design of the Oromarine S13 Coupé was made to expand the possibilities of staying on board overnight. Actually, the re-design of the driving console, which is now even more captivating than before, allowed for more space inside: a double bed can be set up by inserting a central element and cushions, and there’s also a separate heads with WC and glass sink.

Moreover, for those who like to spend holidays on a rib, the builder also offers a second solution for Oromarine S13Coupe: it is possible exclusively on the outboard version, and it turns the huge lazarette where inboards should be into a second cabin.

Joker Boat Clubman 35, the not-so-maxi rib is capable of 60 knots

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Evinrude G2 E-Tec, that’s what we call a revolution

Another change compared to the previous version is the fore extension of the console, by dropping the walkway that divided it from the sunbathing area. Which is always there, exttremely large (about 3.5 square meters) and covers stowage lockers, for the electric winch and for gear and luggage.

A second sundeck is to aft, and also this is fixed. It’s rather large (about 3sqm) and can be comfortably used in navigation. Two lockers extend forward and become additional seats to complete a lounge along with a fixed couch and a removable center table.

The pilot’s seat, a little abow, stands on top of a kitchenette, with standard sink and optional stove and a refrigerator. There is also a folding bench for extra seating.

By the helm station the piloting seat is sided by another two. The center one is a little forward, the other two are slightly narrower but all can turn into a lumbar support if you prefer driving upright. The console, on the driver’s side, extends its beam with sinuous shapes and vertical surfaces for all the electronics.

To make the 13 Coupé even fancier, the options include solid teak instead of the normal iroko wood – both for the flooring and for the bow and aft platform, metallic inserts for the console and seat, T-Top with built-in electric awning, retractable sun awning alongside the aft sundeck, tubular in Total Carbon look, luxury upholstery, and an hydraulic swim platform (of course, only in case the boat mounts the sterndrives).

The numbers of Oromarine S13 Coupé

  • Length overall …………… 12.45 m (40ft 10in)
  • Length LH …………… 9.99 m (32ft 9in)
  • Beam …………… 3.75 m (12ft 4in)
  • Tubular diameter …………… 0.60 m (2 ft)
  • Displacement without engines …………… 2.200 Kg
  • Test engines …………… 2×300 hp
  • Max output …………… 3×300 hp
  • Passengers …………… 16
  • Fuel reserve …………… 510 l (134 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve …………… 210 l (55 US gal)
  • CE design category …………… B

Test readings

  • rpm knots mph lph nm/l mpg km/l range notes
  • 1000 6,0 6,9 5,5 1,09 4,76 2,02 445
  • 1500 8,0 9,2 12 0,67 2,91 1,23 272
  • 2000 11,0 12,7 32 0,34 1,50 0,64 140
  • 2500 13,0 15,0 35 0,37 1,62 0,69 152
  • 2800 15,0 17,3 39 0,38 1,68 0,71 157 min plane
  • 3000 16,0 18,4 41 0,39 1,70 0,72 159
  • 3500 18,0 20,7 43 0,42 1,83 0,78 171
  • 4000 25,0 28,8 72 0,35 1,51 0,64 142
  • 4500 30,0 34,5 84 0,36 1,56 0,66 146
  • 5000 37,0 42,6 115 0,32 1,40 0,60 131
  • 5700 44,0 50,6 185 0,24 1,04 0,44 97
  • 6000 47,0 54,1 185 0,25 1,11 0,47 104 Trim +60%
  • range 20% reserve

Test conditions

Calm sea, light breeze, sunny weather, slightly soiled hull, fuel 480 l (126 US gal), water 50 l (13 US gal)), 2 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

Only boat, without engines and standard equipment …………… € 150.000

Test and Italian text by Luciano Pau

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