Next Silent Yachts electric catamaran will use technology from Volkswagen

The new model of electric catamaran by the Austrian builder Silent Yachts shares the modular electric drive matrix with VW, while the design is by car brand Cupra.

We have seen several partnerships between automotive and marine sectors, sometimes just sharing badges (1990 Riva 32 Ferrari, for instance), sometimes exterior design (Magnum 80 by Pininfarina), some (more) times technology and much else.
In this case we are talking of the latter. Silent Yachts, Austrian builders of electric catamarans, have partnered with two brands from the Volkswagen Group for the development of their next craft.

The MEB matrix debuts in boating with Silent Yachts

The new electric catamaran will be powered by Volkswagen modular electric drive matrix MEB. And, it will be designed by the Barcelona’s progressive car brand Cupra, born a few years ago as the sporty spinoff of Seat.

This collaboration brings together partners from boating and automotive industry to link individual mobility and sustainability.
At the moment we just have one rendering, but the style is sporty and contemporary as we would expect. Talking of the involvement of Cupra, they even talk of “emotional” design, and we leave that to you to decide.

As for the technology, the new solar electric catamaran will feature MEB, the first platform specifically developed by Volkswagen for electric drive. It has been used already in some electric models from the VW group and is now shared with a boat builder to offer further possibilities and new areas of cooperation.

The MEB platform as used on VW’s cars

All in all, Silent Yachts electric catamaran will allow noiseless navigation and unlimited cruising range, thanks to the solar-electric power system which feeds the electric propulsion of the vessel and all its household energy needs. This is a partnrship that we definitely like.

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