Porto Montenegro, luxury finds new ways with lease and sub-rent options

Porto Montenegro is located in the Kotor bay, UNESCO World Heritage, in one of the most strategic parts of the Adriatic coast for diving.

But navigation in the Montenegro waters is convenient also on a financial point of view, not only for the benefits to boaters and the growth rate of this extra-UE Country, but also for the offer dedicated by Porto Montenegro to anybody who wants a residential berth. The new options include a long-term lease of the berth (10 to 30 years), and the sub-renting of the slip, to recover up to 85% of the allocated money and irrespective of the actual use of the berth in any moment. More, who has a long-term rent contract can sub-sell the rent of their place.


The GNP of Montenegro grows annually at over 8% rate (8.8 last year), thanks to travel and tourism. This is also thanks to the proximity to more than 6000 islands in Croatia and Greece.

Port Montenegro is growing at the same pace, and now offers 150 new slips for a total of 400. 87 berths are dedicated to superyachts up to 180 meters (600 ft).


It’s clear how the top end of the pleasure navigation boaters can find here the best place to stay. For the same reason the new Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, has recently opened. % star superior and inspired to Venetian style, the resort boasts 51 rooms and 35 suites. To complete the complex, a 64 infinite pool, two new restaurants, several bars and a club. Within summer 2015 there will be a residential area, called Ksenija, with two thirds of the houses already allocated.


No concerns with the Apps from Porto Montenegro

Two applications, for iPhone e iPad, have been developed by Porto Montenegro and are now available on iTunes and App Store.
Lifestyle App has been specifically designed for residents and dwellers of the Port, while Visit Montenegro is a complete guide about the area and everything the Country offers.

Lifestyle App features all the information that can be found on Porto Montenegro website, but even when offline. This includes practical infos about arrival of yachts, events, news, videos and photos. There’s a private room, exclusively for the Owners Club members, with additional infos about club events, advantages for yachts’ owners, newsletter and much more. Finally there’s a weather forecast section. Available in English, Montenegrin and Russian, the app is found by searching “Porto Montenegro” in the Store.

Visit Montenegro, gives information about what’s best to visit in the Country, and it’s also available online on www.visitmontenegro.net. It features a guide on the most interesting cities, with practical tips about what to do and where to stay, among the 4 and 5 star offer. There’s a comprehensive section about the local, international and ethnic restaurants and infos about nightlife, sports and recreational activities.

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