azimut benetti paint-it EU LIFE ESG green yachting environment

With Paint-It, Azimut Benetti Group takes a step towards an increasingly sustainable yachting industry

With the Paint-It project funded by the European Union Azimut Benetti contributes to developing a green anti-fouling paint.

While it is undeniable that today companies are increasingly attentive to environmental issues (ESG certifications are perhaps just the tip of the iceberg), it is equally true that for some of these the question ends in a so-called “green washing” , that is, a facade ecology that saves the reputation without concrete commitments.
In boating, these dynamics are important because the construction of boats and yachts has an undeniable negative impact on the environment. It is therefore necessary that the reference companies become pioneers and spokespersons of very concrete and replicable initiatives to reduce the polluting footprint on our planet.

Paint-It is a joint effort of Azimut Benetti and more players, funded by the EU

Upon these premises, the Azimut Benetti R&D office took part in the european project “Paint-it A new environment-friendly manufacturing approach for marine antifouling coating”. It is a major international research effort, co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE program, in the area of antifouling coatings for hulls, confirming its intention to contribute to a yachting industry that is respectful of the marine ecosystem.

Azimut Benetti has made a contribution to the Paint-it Project, funded by the EU and supported by several leading industrial players, including the research centre of Italian firm Colorobbia Consulting, and the Rome-based universities of Tor Vergata and Niccolò Cusano with their Departments of Engineering.

azimut benetti paint-it EU LIFE ESG green yachting environment

The research has led to the development of several innovative non-toxic antifouling coatings for marine applications, featuring a high level of environmental sustainability: no biocides harmful to aquatic species are released into the marine environment, unlike traditional antifouling coatings, which leach biocides based on the toxic action of copper compounds and other similar organic/metallic substances. As well as eliminating biocides, these coatings also have a significant environmental impact in terms of lower energy use, greenhouse gas generation and waste production, by reducing the need for hull maintenance, and of greatly reduced CO2 emissions.

_The scope of Paint-It isn’t limited to the yachting industry. In addition to the marine sector, the formula tested can be used in civil engineering, in wastewater treatment plants and, more generally, in plants that use water systems in various industrial production processes.

According to Azimut Benetti (and we agree), this commitment not only comes from the corporate culture, but is also a response to the latest market trends driven by the new generation of owners, who are increasingly determined to enjoy their relationship with the marine environment in a more respectful, caring and aware way.

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