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Pyxis 30 WA Fishing: the new fishing boat with many passports

It is designed in Italy by a Swiss boatyard, built in Tunisia, and fitted in Italy. Pyxis 30 WA Fishing is a boat created for passionate anglers.

In the fishing boats sector, passion and competence are not only a requisite but frequently a driving factor. This is the case of IMD Boats and its owner Antonio Moscato, who saw the new Pyxis 30 and decided to import and distribute it for central Italy and Sardinia, not before having contributed to the specific set-up for fishing.

Two boats in one

Pyxis Yacht was founded by Lucio and Henry Apolloni Ghetti, based in Verbier in the Swiss canton of Valais, although production takes place in Tunisia.
The Pyxis 30 WA Fishing project, however, is the work of the Italians Alessandro Chessa for the hull and Carlo Galeazzi for the interior design. Antonio Moscato, owner of IMD Boats, took care instead of the aspects related to fishing.

pyxis 30 wa fishing cruiser

The project stems from the Pyxis 30 in the Cruiser version, already available, revisited for fishing in particular in the cockpit area, where foldable sofas were placed on the side, along with a 120-liter live well with oxygenator, a 200-liter well for the catch with macerator, a stern hatch for boarding the prey and rod holders located in several positions. At the helm, the console is just the right size to accommodate 12” multi-function screens and engine control displays, and is protected by a hard-top with rod holders.

The hull features a sharp bow, suitable for rough seas, which culminates in a deadrise (aft) of 20°. Pyxis 30 WA Fishing can be powered by two outboards for a maximum of 600 hp, capable of pushing this 10-meter fisherman up to 50 knots. With two 200 hp engines, on the other hand, it reaches 40 knots but increases the range at certain speeds. A range that can count on a 550-liter tank.

pyxis 30 wa fishing cruiser

Despite the sporting vocation, the Pyxis 30 WA Fishing also wants to be a family cruiser. Therefore, from the center of the hull forward the solutions are the same as for the Cruiser version: sundeck to bow – easily accessible from the two side decks, and above all a cabin with four bunks and a large heads.

For the fishing rig, a large part has been entrusted to American companies, for their reputation for robustness and experience. For example, the rod holders are by Smith, the telescopic outriggers by Taco, and the accessory- and bait- compartments by Boat Outfitter (customized for Pyxis).

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Both versions, Cruiser and WA Fishing, will be imported to Italy and distributed exclusively by IMD Boats for Tuscany, Liguria and Sardinia. The Cruiser version will be visible from the end of March, while the 30 WA Fisher will hit the water the following month.

The numbers of Pyxis 30 WA Fishing

Length overall
9,80 m

3 m

Displacement (W/O engines)
Kg 4.699

Fuel tank
550 l

Fresh water tank
150 l



Live / catch well
120 l / 200 l

2 x 200 o 2 x 300 cv

Max speed
50 kn (2×300) / 40 kn (2×200)

CE design category

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pyxis 30 wa fishing cruiser

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