quick gyro mc2 x10 stabilizer

Quick Gyro X10: the small, quiet and efficient stabilizer joins its 11 siblings

Its full name is MC² Quick Gyro X10, and it is designed for boats from 35 to 45 feet. The manufacturer Quick states that it features below-average dimensions and power consumption. It’s now part of a large group of stabilizers, which now counts twelve models, from Quick X2 to Quick X56.

AC / DC for the Quick Gyro X10 stabilizer

In reality, the Quick Gyro X10 fits into two ranges: the one of MC² Quick Gyro DC systems, with “plug & play” installation thanks to the 12 volt and DC power supply (therefore requiring just batteries and not a generator), and that of MC² Quick Gyro AC, powered by alternating current and ideal for boats up to 250 tons.

quick gyro mc2 x10 stabylizer

X10 targets boats ranging from 35 to 45 feet, both as original equipment (OEM) and for after market installations, in case of modifications or refits.

Thanks to the installation of the rotating mass on a horizontal axis, the system has less mechanical stress and less friction, thus generating less heat.

The main characteristics of the Quick Gyro X10 are the weight and dimensions lower than similar systems on the market, a noise level below 70 decibels, and finally the natural heat dissipation system, which has now become the “brand of factory “Quick.

In fact, thanks to the installation of the rotating mass on a horizontal axis, the system generates less mechanical stress, less friction and therefore less heat generation. This means that in order to cool down, the Quick Gyro X10 does not need any additional electric pumps or water intakes, as water-cooled systems do.

quick gyro mc2 x10 stabylizer

The MC² X10 gyro stabilizer, like the other models from X2 to X56, is designed, engineered and manufactured by Quick Spa.

In addition to stabilizers, the company, founded in Ravenna, Italy in 1992, also manufactures anchoring systems, thrusters, lights and other components. Today it has two offices abroad and over 200 employees.

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