zar fzar formenti lux ribormenti lux rib

Fiat Lux: here’s the new line of the most chic and elegant ribs by Zar Formenti

Five models are planned for the new Zar Formenti Lux line, in particular the Lux 13 and the Lux Rider 14, 15, 16 and 18.

Fiat Lux: nothing to see with the Italian car manufacturer. It’s a known latin motto meaning “let there be light”. In this case though “lux” doesn’t refer to light, but to luxury.

Becvause Zar Formenti’s Lux is a whole new range of rigid inflatable boats which will sit at the top of the Italian manufacturer range.

Lux is the premium range by the brand

The new Lux line-up by Zar-Formenti joins the Rib, Air, Alu and Fun lines, standing out and being characterized by a different design and greater refinement of details.

The substantial differences include a larger stern locker and the engine bay that can integrate the petrol tank under the flooring.

The cockpit configuration reveals many settees, in an arrangement aimed at practicality

Furthermore, the Lux Rider 14 and 15 sport a larger front couch compared to the other Zar-Formenti models of the same size, while the bow pulpit features a different nose than the aluminum one normally mounted on the Rib line.

The cockpit configuration reveals many settees, in an arrangement aimed at practicality. The central console ensures that the forward sofa is also positioned in such a way as to leave the side walkways free, thus creating two passages that connect the aft area to the bow sundeck.

zar fzar formenti lux ribormenti lux rib

What ideally connects the Zar-Formenti Lux tange to the entire Zar Mini line is the eco-friendly aluminum structure, which can be recycled at the end of the life-cycle of the boat.

The debut of the new Zar-Formenti Lux line was scheduled for the Düsseldorf Boot show, which was canceled due to the Covid pandemic. The boatyard hans’t stopped though, and Lux ribs are now ready to be ordered through the authorized dealer network.

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