Saver Riviera 24 with Mercruiser V6 4.5L, tradition and innovation

The Saver Riviera 24 is possibly the most traditional boat you can think of, but here she’s matched to the brand new 250 HP Mercruiser 4.5L.

In order to refresh a super-classic boat such as the Saver Riviera 24, some innovation and technology are surely welcome. Actually, if we wanted to be really fussy, even the new V6, 250 HP Mercury engine follows a traditional design, with a sturdy and compact 6-pot block that aims to replace the previous V8s. The match between the two, anyway, should work very well, and we’re in Sicily for this very reason: a proper sea trial.

saver 24 saver 24

The deck of Saver Riviera 24

The Saver Riviera 24 has no aim to appeal to the eccentric boater. The idea instead is to give comfort and fun, in the proper and expected way. Everything is where you want it to be: a large swim platform good also for hauling a dinghy; a practical access to the cockpit, and an L couch to port ending with a chaise longue. The companion hatch is centered, in the middle, with the helm station to starboard. There’s room enough for one GPS screen, while the fake-walnut trim surely stands out from the white GRP but won’t match everybody’s taste.
To complete the cockpit, there’s two double seats: one front- and one rear-facing, the latter hides a locker underneath. The passageways are well protected by handrails and lead to the fore solarium, large enough although a bit inclined and lacking cushions.

saver 24 saver 24 saver 24 saver 24

Saver Riviera 24 Interiors

Two double berths, a bathroom, and a galley: what else could you desire on a 24ft boat? Even belowdecks there’s no room for extravagance, with a V-shaped couch abow that works as dinette or becomes a double bed. The galley features sink, stove, and refrigerator (and even a microwave in our case), and faces a head roomy enough for that cousin of yours who plays basketball and wears tripleXL. The second berth lays amidships, and thanks to the pilothouse above can feature enough headroom to feel spacious. The materials used all around are never capricious or exotic, while the level of general trim is good and satisfying.

saver 24

Mercury Mercuiser V6 4.5 L

When Mercury started the design of this unit, the target was to forget the automotive blocks, always chasing the most complex solutions, and have a basic engine, simple on a tachnical point of view, with sturdy construction and capable of winning over competitors in terms of weight, measures and performance. So here’s the MerCruiser 4.5L V6 250 HP, just 2 valves per cylinder and an exceptional power to weight ratio. It’s 60 Kg lighter than the old 5 liters “small block” V8 and it’s 114 mm shorter and 32 lower. Performance has increased, especially acceleration, thanks to the optimized air intakes that allow for a higher torque thus a quicker planing. The electronic Multi-Port Fuel Injection grants the right amount of fuel at every speed, for immediate start, better response, higher range and therefore lower costs: the increase in range (miles per liter) is 14% on the old 5 liters. Also new, the ASC (Adaptive Speed Control): once you set the speed of the engine or of the boat, the value is automatically kept regardless of the situation (wakes, veering, …). The system works even at minimum planing speed. Again: it’s the first 6-banger compatible with SmartCraft system, which allows electronic inverter and throttle (DTS) for a smoother drive. Finally, there’s an optional joystick for the easiest docking.

saver 24

The test of Saver Riviera 24

It’s a one-two: you take place at the helm, and you feel everything is under control. At your hands, there’s a DTS electronic lever for the throttle to starboard, and a power assisted wheel in front. A system named ASC (Adaptive Speed Control) keeps the engine revs constant, whatever the situation of the propeller: it’s very efficient in maintaining the speed and reducing consumption. Similarly to the cruise control in your car, it avoids sudden speed changes due to external factors, in our case a cavitation for instance, thus protecting the engine and saving fuel.
To complete the Mercury Mercruiser (this last name is exclusive for the gas units) V6, there’s a Bravo Three stern with a 2.20 reduction and two counter-rotating props, 4 and 3 blades, pitch 19.5”.
To propery test the efficiency of the hull-engine match, I start my trial by finding the planing pace. It requires 6 seconds, but another 17 and it’s already top speed: 33 knots, 5000 rpm, 72 liters per hour. But the ideal pace for such a boat is surely lower: so, at 3500 revs the speed is 20 knots but the consumption drops of more than a half. Slowing down to minimum plane I read 3150 rpm, 16 knots, 29.5 lph. Working with the trim over 4000 rpm I find the perfect balance, and raising it to the top I gained 100 revs for a top speed of 34 knots.
As mentioned, the best pace for the Riviera 24 is a relaxed cruise, well protected by the wind in the cockpit, with good visibility from the helm also for the captain who’s not that basketball player cousin of yours. The keel hits the waves (of our wake) very smoothly and keeps the direction even in tight turns.
I can say I’m pretty satisfied at the end of this test: the match between Saver Riviera 24 and Mercruiser V6 4.5L is going to give much satisfaction to the owner.

Technical Features
Length overall     7,50 mt (24 ft 7 in)
Beam     2,64 mt (8 ft 8 in)
Displacement     2800 Kg
Max engine output     277 HP
Fuel tank     200 lt (52 US gal)
Fresh water tank     70 lt (18 US gal)
Berths     4
Passengers    8
CE category    B

1000 rpm            4,2 knots        4.8 mph       5,2 l/h           1.4 gph          68 db
1500 rpm            5,8 knots        6.7 mph       8,1 l/h            2.1 gph          72 db
2000 rpm           7,2 knots        8.3 mph       13,0 l/h          3.4 gph          74 db
2500 rpm           8,0 knots        9.2 mph       19,8 l/h         5.2 gph           78 db
3000 rpm           11,9 knots       13.7 mph      30,8 l/h        8.1 gph          80 db
3500 rpm1         9,5 knots         22.4 mph      32,5 l/h        8.6 gph          80 db
4000 rpm           25,0 knots      28.8 mph     40,0 l/h        10.6 gph        81 db
4500 rpm           29,2 knots       33.6 mph      56,0 l/h       14.8 gph         83 db
5000 rpm          33,0 knots        38.0 mph      72,0 l/h      19.0 gph         86 db

Test conditions
Calm sea, temperature 28° C (82° F), fuel 100 lt (26.4 US gal), water 60 lt (15.8 US gal), passengers 4, clean hull

Mercruiser 4.5 L V6 250 HP – Bravo III sterndrive € 57.500
Mercruiser 4.5 L V6 250 HP – Alpha I sterndrive € 55.500
Mercruiser 5.0 MPI V8 260 HP – Alpha I sterndrive € 55.500
Mercruiser 5.0 MPI V8 260 HP – Bravo III sterndrive € 57.500
Mercruiser QSD 4.2 diesel 270 HP – Bravo III sterndrive € 73.000

VAT and transportation not included

Visit Saver website – Visit Mercury Marine website

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