CMC Marine sign an agreement with Dockmate, reports great success for Waveless stabilizers

CMC Marine announces a partnership with Dockmate, a company specialized in yachting remote controls, to integrate the steering of their thrusters. In addition, the Tuscan company reports in 2020 43 commercial agreements for their Waveless stabilizers.

It is certainly a good time for CMC Marine: the company, founded in Pisa 16 years ago by Eng. Alessandro Cappiello, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing fin stabilizers and thrusters. And it is no coincidence that the last two good news come from both CMC’s core activities. Let’s see them in order.

The integration with Dockmate remotely controls the CMC thrusters

CMC have announced that they signed a partnership with Dockmate, a Belgian company that has been making wireless remote control systems for large yachts since 2012.

The goal is to find the perfect integration between the products of the two brands, to give owners a more comfortable and efficient control system. It all started onboard two Benetti superyachts.

cmc marine dockwave stabylizer
CMC’s bow thruster

The two companies indeed worked together on the ninth unit of Mediterraneo 116 and on the second of Oasis 40M. Benetti’s R&D office worked alongside CMC Marine and Dockmate engineers simulating lab integration tests, to obtain the interaction between the Italian thrusters and the Flemish control systems for harbor maneuvers.

Thanks to this synergy, the owners of the two Benetti yachts will be able to use a wireless controller to manage all the maneuvering systems on board.

cmc marine dockwave stabylizer
Dockmate test

A fundamental feature of Dockmate systems is the ability to proportionally manage the thruster control, as long as there is the CMC-CANopen control from CMC Marine: for this reason, the two companies announced that soon there will be many more yachts with the integrated system.

Waveless electric stabilizers are object of 43 deals in 2020

CMC Marine then confirmed the great success of their Waveless electric ultra-compact fin stabilizers. Launched in September 2019 and distributed all over the world thanks to an increasingly extensive sales and service network (see the link below), Waveless fins are succeeding as perfect stabilizers for boats 12 meters and upwards. CMC has signed 43 commercial agreements over the last year, and 6 yachts equipped with Waveless fins are already in the water, 5 of which are newly built.

cmc marine dockwave stabylizer
CMC Waveless fin stabylizers

Among the shipyards that have chosen Waveless, which offers three models of STAB stabilizers and four models of TRIM intruders, we name Arcadia, Azimut|Benetti, Holterman Shipyard, Numarine, Mangusta (Overmarine), but also “single” owners all over the world, from Europe to Asia to Oceania.

_One of the reasons certainly is the reliability of a technologically advanced and innovative product, which – thanks to the electric operation covered by patents – has several advantages compared to hydraulic stabilizers.

But the other factor that CMC Marine stresses is the Company’s choice to go on investing in an increasingly widespread and up-to-date sales and assistance network.

CMC Marine organizes its first service convention in the USA

Check out CMC Marine’s products on the manufacturer’s website

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