ferretti group first quarter results 2021

The first quarter of 2021 brings good numbers for Ferretti Group

Ferretti Group reports 56 launches and the sale of the first Wally sailing superyacht. The report says of extremely positive EBITDA and revenues.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, but not everything is bad in the yachting sector. Ferretti Group ends the first quarter of 2021 reporting a powerful growth on both economic and industrial fronts.

Some numbers about Ferretti Group’s first quarter

Compared with the same period in 2020, first quarter revenues rose 40%, from € 133 million to €186 million. Geographically speaking, Europe and the Middle East confirm their importance for the Group, accounting for more than half of revenues.
First quarter EBITDA stands at € 18 million – vs €5.5 million in the same period the previous year – and new orders, as of today, total over € 300 million, a value that represents 56% of the entire 2020 order intake. This last figure in particular points to an extremely positive trend in 2021.

ferretti group first quarter 2021 results
Ferretti Yacht 1000

From an industrial perspective, Ferretti Group reported a record number of launches: 56 yachts and superyachts launched in three months against 43 in 2020. Almost all the Group’s shipyards and main brands contributed to this record with iconic models in the world of international yachting like Riva 50 mt – MY “Fifty”, the new Ferretti Yacht 1000 and Navetta 30 Custom Line.

_The first quarter of 2021 also saw the sale of the forty-eighth Wally full-custom sailing superyacht, the first unit sold since the brand became part of Ferretti Group. Over 30 meters long, the yacht has a sail area of 630 square meters and is built entirely from carbon fiber.

Wally 101 represents excellence in terms of naval architecture, performance and comfort, presenting itself as a new icon in the world of sailing yachts and confirming the company’s considerable contribution to advances in design and technological innovation in the field of sailing.

A final, simple consideration is that the same period of 2020 was not so much hindered by the Covid 19 outbreak: so, if Ferretti Group’s numbers for the first quarter of 2021 are much better, we can definitely talk of a strong result.

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Read the official statement on Ferretti Group’s website

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