besenzoni after sales service

The importance of after-sales: Besenzoni can count 160 operating units worldwide

The after-sales service is essential, and Besenzoni knows very well: today they have 160 service centers with certified staff whose professional development is supported by the company.

Besenzoni started their adventure over 50 years ago, in Sarnico on Italian lake Iseo. Since then, they have grown to a global dimension, so much so that today the Company can count a presence in 59 countries with 187 points of sale.

After sales means trust

But the key point of every company is to be able to satisfy the customer even after the sale, in order to build mutual trust: this is why the assistance service is as important as the commercial one.

Besenzoni continue to develop their after sales department, with service centers on the territory that know how to intervene in case of problems on gangways, cranes, chairs, and all the components produced by the Lombard company.

besenzoni after sales service

To date, Besenzoni’s Customer Service Division counts over 160 service points, with selected technicians trained by the company and awarded with a specific certification. A staff that knows the features of the products and knows how to deal with both the most common and the most delicate problems.

The service department operations are coordinated and supported by the Customer Care center based in Sarnico, available the whole year round, and formed by a group of experts able to assist remotely in different languages.

besenzoni after sales service

For Besenzoni, the role of the service centers is not only to intervene in case of problems, during the navigation, but also to provide periodic maintenance activities.

The rapid expansion of the company in various geographical areas (from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from Panama to Bali, from Hong Kong to Florida) makes it necessary to coordinate, update and standardize the various service points around the world, with the further aim of giving a service and a brand image the same everywhere (also known as corporate identity).

Besenzoni Customer Service can be reached also via phone: thanks to the Besenzoni Control Device app it is possible to connect to the map of service services all over the world, so that they can be consulted easily whenever needed.

Besenzoni explain their renewed company strategy

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