audace merloni cantiere marche

Italian yard Lusben has completed the refitting of famous “Audace” superyacht

The 46-meter Audace, explorer yacht built by Cantiere delle Marche, has been finished at the Lusben shipyard in Viareggio.

Motor yacht Audace has a very short but intense story. She was commissioned as a full-custom yacht to Cantiere delle Marche, that completed and delivered her in 2019. The owner was Andrea Merloni, former president of Fineldo and Indesit, but the 53yo entrepreneur prematurely passed away last November. So, Audace got an overhaul by Lusben to follow the taste of her new user.

Audace has grown 4.6 meters in length

Actually, not exactly. The story goes that, after the first season onboard, the owner was considering a series of modifications and improvements to make the yacht even better satisfy his needs and to be able to use it as a residence for most of the year. After Andrea’s untimely death, the Merloni family, together with the shipyard, designer and architect, wanted to carry out all the directives given as a form of respect for the late owner.

audace merloni cantiere marche

Designed by the close collaboration of Merloni, Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life, and the architect Mauro Sculli of the studio that bears his name, Audace has been the subject of important structural work that has redefined her spaces and utilization. From the original 42 meters, she has grown to an overall length of 46.6 meters. The stern has been lengthened by 2.4 meters and the bow has been made more aerodynamic and lengthened by 2.2 meters. Thanks to these changes, the strengthening of the generators and other structural improvements, the maximum speed of the yacht has increased from 15.8 to 17 knots, while consumption has been reduced by 20%.

Audace’s interiors have undergone a complete overhaul as well. Two lifts were installed to facilitate movement between the decks and service to guests, and an engineered emergency staircase now connects the owner’s cabin with the lower deck. The flooring of the owner’s deck and the upper deck has been redesigned and can now be heated, and the electrical system has been completely renovated. Finally, all the furnishings on the owner’s deck have been revised and the palette has shifted from a prevalence of light colors to darker tones, which make the rooms feel even more refined.

audace merloni cantiere marche
Audace before refitting

Like the interior, the exterior of Audace has been refitted. A robotic telescopic gangway has been installed, with an extension of 8 meters. The yacht was designed to facilitate a mainly outdoor life onboard and the large external living areas desired by Merloni, which can accommodate a banquet of 60 guests, have remained intact except for the bar areas which have been made more professional.

_All the works have been designed and followed by the technical studio of Floating Life and the Satura studio, and the whole refurbishing was completed in 16 months with compliance to the anti-Covid measures.

At the same time as the launch, all the designers and workers involved in the refit of Audace took part in a ceremony in the owner’s memory, accompanied by the sound of the sirens of all boats in the marina. In early May, the yacht will sail directly to the Balearic Islands, Spain, where the late owner spent his holidays and another ceremony will be held in his honor. Even a yacht can carry some ways to pay homage to her late owner.

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audace merloni cantiere marche

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